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- Bishop William Taylor has named his missionary steamer to be used on the Upper Congo for ) 's wife, Annie Taylor. - The new ladies' club at Boston is called the "Mouograph." and its chief intellectual dieft, will be jnodern history. - Boston Globe. - Theodore Parker once spoke of Beechor as the "preacher of the Ply niouth pulpit whose sounding-board WM the Rocky Mountains." - The two best female violinista in the United States are Miss Duke, daughter of General Basil Duke, of Rentucky, and Miss Maud Tarleton, of Baltimore. - "I sec," said an opposing counsel to the late Eniery A. Storrs, "you líate to meet the truth in this matter." "I ne er do meet it," was the prompt reply; "the truth and I always travel in the same direction." - Mrs. J. J. Astor has sent another perty of 100 boys and girls from New York to Western homes through the Childrou's Aid Society, making 1,413 of city waifs whom she has placed in good homes at a cost of $20,656. - A mountain in North Borneo has been named for Frank Hatton, the young scientist who lost his life thers while prospecting for gold. Since his (lenth, by the way, gold has been found ut tliat vcry place in large quantities. - One of the richest widows in Cincinnati lives in a garre t room, lends lier money at twelve per cent. interest, aml niakes a couple of sausages last her a whole week for meat. She refuses an offer of niarriage about every other day. - The richest colored woman in America is Amanda Eubanks, of Konie, (ia., who paya taxes on $400,000. Thu next riehest woman is Mrs. Jame3 Thomas, of St. Louis, who owns tho finest barber-shop fh the world, "The Lindell," and is assessed on property to the amount of f300,000. - According to a New York correspondent women are considered by publishers to be among the best judges of manuscript. Whether it be their critical judgment or their critica] instinct, their conclusión as to whether an emInvo lok or magazine article will take with the public or not is pretty sure to be cornil. --The postal clerks between Springfield and Boston got hold of a letter the other day addressed in this way: "Mrs. Grover Cleveland, care of President Grover Cleveland, Washington, Mass." The laws of the service are inexorable, aml to Washington, Mass., that letter was sent, although in time it will probably find its wtvy to the waeto basket of the wife of our lirst citizen. - Botton Budget. - A good story is told of the threeyear-old daughter f Mr. Henry E. Abbey. the theatrioal aatnager. While in Eagland .Mr. Abbey rented a nobleman's estáte, and one day his lordship carne to dine v-i t h them. The little girl heard liim constantly called "My Lord" by the servants. and she listened wondi-i'ingly to a forin of addivss she had never heard excepl in co-nnection with her prayere. After tï i i nobleinan had kisicl lier she rau to her father eiolabning: "O, papa, God kissedme!" -


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