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Jolin Van Houten to Susan Van Houten, York 500 Cornellus I,. Harrlngton to Prudence Conk, ('helsea _ 105 Kniest (. Haarer to Jolin C. IUisn, SbaroD „ 9,500 Kniest J. Haarer to Jolin C. Buss, Muiirlicster 1,000 Lols Hewltt, by guardián, to W. V. Worden, Ypsilnnti 187.50 Walter Hewllt, et al., to W. W. Worden, Ypsllanti 516.50 Henry Kocli to Charles Koch, Aon Arbor $1,800 Chas. Koch to Hcnry Koch, Sclo 750 Dan'l Kocli by adm'r to Lidia Koch. Sclo 3,280 W. H. & Samuel Wauty to A. Qable. Augusta' 1,000 Marnaret M. .Sniith to Qeo. W. Voorhels, Ypsllanll 400 Laura H. Tewksbury to L. L.Hitchcock, York 100 Bthao A. Aiistm to Charles Uoodwln, lexter„ 881 John W. .loliimton to May A. Hutchluson, Ann Arbor 55 Stephen DeNlke to Chas. Kuiler, YpslImitl 5,500 Qeo. W. Voorhels to M. M.Smlth, Ypsllantl 1,800 iMack A Sehiiiid to Xavier Baur, Freedom 1,00 Mack & Schmld to John M. Alber, Freedom 1,600 Mary E. Kearney to Harah A. Byrner, Ann Arbor 2,250 Magdalena Mlller to C. J. Mlller, Brldgewater 7,800 Geo. Van Gleson to Thos. Van Üleson, Brldgewater 1,953 Laura K. Walluce to E. W. Wallace, Brldgewater „ 210 Valentino Boegetter to E. W. Wallace, Brldgewater _ 450 John vaughan lo Urlean Vaughao, Webster 2,000 Aaron L. Corey to Mary E. Stewart, Ypsllauli „ 2 400 D. W. Potter to W. H. Wlllings, Augusta 50 All aboard for Dundee, Julv 4th. Schools clo9eI at Mihn list Frklay vvitli n graduatinsr class. Samuel Masón of Augusta, aged 86 years, died Jutie 15th. A tiend has been glrdlitijc shade Irees n Mllan. He oulit to 1! cau;rht :uid horsewhipped. The Milan Leader returns thanks for a dlah of ice creani, and tlie tlicrmometer at 90 Prettycool. Slipt. Ashley, of the T., A. A. & N. M. railroad, don't propose to eniploy unmarrled men on tliat road if he can help lt. He thinks married men are not so likely to engage in strikes. If a man fhould step op to Bro. Gililart of the StockbridRC Sun, and culi hlin a liar, we wonder wliether he would re)ly: " Thank you sir, you'ie rlght!" Or would he very properly knock him down- If he cotild? We are moved toask tliis hciMON of the Sun'3 manifest unfairness in stating the case between the Gov.'s p. s. and our represen tative. The current issue of the Ypsllantl Sentinel is a star number. It indorses Luce's veto, tells the hoss wool He of the season, growls about the electric lighting scheme, snarls at the new liquor law, gcnerally blasphemes the legtalature, saya Grenell's election bill Is a scherne to enable the state printer to print bogus election tickets,and jrladly allows tlnit Ayer's sarsnp.irilla is the best cure for catarrh in the world.- Detroit Journal. Walter Oakman Hume, a younsr b:mker of Belfast, Ireland, arrived in t hts city Friday last, in search of the {rrave of lus uncle, Walter Oakmun, bib molher's broth er, wliu was the tiist white man buried in this county. Walter Oakman was one of the settleis of Woodruff's Grove, coming here trom Ireland In oompany with John Phillips, uncle of Thomas Phillips of this city, in 1821. He purelriaed the land since known as"theold Phillips farm," but did not live long to enjoy his new possessions, hls (leath occurrinjf in August of the year of his uriival. Hu was burled near the grove on what is now called the Fletcher farm, but about twenty yeatl ago his remains were removed to Hijfhland cemetery, wherc tliey wcre visllcd by his nephew and namesake. Mr. Hume waa returninK to Ireland trom a trip to Australia and the western States, and his visit here, as before stated, was tliat he iniiihl see the spot and country so üirectlv counected with his famllv historv. -


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