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PLEASE NOTICE isSÉÏE COX Establlshed lu 1875, will furnish Ice, dellvtjrtid to ANY PART OF THE CITY Kor tbe SEASON OF 1887: 25 pounds daily, ezcept Sundays, for $2.00 per iikiiiiIi. 25 pouudH 4 times per week, 51.75 per month. ¦ pósate S times per week, $1.50 per mmith. li ixntnd.s '1 tunes per wt-t-k. $1.00 per month. HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BUTCHERS, ETC, Wlll befurnlsheii with Tickets. Leuve Orders ut Office, 2 Main Street. E. V. HANGSTERFER. Manager. ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, HTTiaoisr stirieiet, Xext door to tbe Farmer's and Mechanlc's Bank. HAIR CUTTING, SHAVING, SHAMI'OONING AND DYEING. The b of Workmen and Satlsfactlon Uuaranteed. Jhe Greatest Blood PurifierM KNOWN. # I I Tliis Groat Germán MciUrlne Is theL II III cheai)ostanil best. 128 doses of SCL-#u I PHl'uiiITTKHSfor1.00,le8Stlian# III iiie rent a dose. It wlll cure thcM J m worst cases of skin dlscase, from gn IiiSa oommon pimple on. the t&ceW f M to that awful diseaBe Scrofula.# W Hl SüLPHl'R ÜITTKliS Is the# ? bent medicine to use In all " ¦ cases of such stubborn andyo,lr i-ij II deep scatcd (UaeaBes. Do#ney8an.,iu,l I not ever tako #)f order, r se H BLUE PILLS SüLPHUKB Iormercury,tlieyaredea(l#liITI lttli ly. Placo vour trust ln#yua11' 'l'1k,no the imrest and best#yu us0 rncliciuo ever made #Sn]pl,nr [m J H tJ wltha ycllow8tlokyDon't walt nntll yoti U ni inbtUÁce? Isyouraro iinabletowalk,orR i III h foul andraro flat on your back, ll III otTi-nsIve? Yourbut fret Bome at nlstoniarh Is out#ill euro you. Sulpliurlll Illof onlrr. VscMilUirsls Q'iinKKsThe Inralid's Frlend.K Ilminc. liately#rhe young, the apred and =i Ib your fr-terhiK in' mm.ti nuda dl by H lne thick,#its uo. Bememher what you II ropy, logread here, lt mar save your I II udy, orMnte. it has Baved luindrcds.l II L MVou't wait untll to-morruw, f XTry a Bottle To-dayl Q o" M Are you low-splrlted and wenk, Ijl II % Mor suöcHnif from the oxoeufta t I III -ïyy"uth? If ÖO BÜUHDB BlTXKlcsl II Send 3 2 rent Mwnp to A. r. Oiihvay A l'o.. Boston, Mass., for best medical wort puhllsheu? FLORAL GUIDE FOR 1887 Now ready, con tai na t Colored Ptates. hundivd of II. lusirations, and nearly 200 pac1- wnnuiij to I ardt-uing and Flower Culture, and over lo contttntns :m Illustrated List of nearly nll Un FLOWERS and VEGETABLES ifrown, with dirtvtion hnw to prow tliom, here the lnHt KKKDS, PÚA NT and KI'lJt-4 can be procurad, wíth priceaofencn. Tliis lxnk mnilr4 frw on receipt of 10 cents, and the 10 ctnti muy be deducted from the first order sent us. Kvcry ou Inttrested íd a par.ien or who dealrt-s (rood.'frcsh st-eds, hould hTe thii work. We refer to the müllons who , bave uscdour seeds. Buy on!y Vick's Bae4i al ilcoduuten. J AJÍ ES VICK, SBBDAAIAlf, Rüchriin-, N. Y NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION. rrHK Orín of Bliss A liliss Ims thls day been X dimolved by mtltunl conaent. Alí debts auiilnBt the llrin wlll be paht by W. W lilis j mul all accountH diio tbe litin tiiust be pald to I him, wlui wlll i-outlnue tbe business al the oíd stand. W. . BLUS. Dated, May ZHh, 188T. (MI ft t T n 'li r '. ¦' "ion wb wrlta to I I SUi.tonáCo .Potllnd,Mln,willr!lr. I T I I II tse, fall lüformftlion kboat work whlch I I I I 'h7 '" !" ! lllliimi,llilill .r V UkU thm from ti, to (K pir daj. Ban bin ArDBd OTr $ÍH)tu idt; EHher sel. yuunit or pM. OaplUl ¦ot rqulrd Toa ar ttftrleil freo. Tbon wbo itftrt Rt oaa V ftUwluUlj iur of tuug HKlt furluuw. All U uw.


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