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High School Graduates

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At the meeting of the School Board last eveninf; the following were designated as THE GRADUATING CLAS3. Clauical Courte. Sarah O. Come, Benjamín E. Page. Thomas B. Cooley. Mlnnie L. Koyèe. Earle W. Dow. Charles D. Warner. Warren H. llalleck . Mlnnie A. Watson. La'in Course. Celia W. iirentiAii. M. Belle Sperry. Elizabeth A.Campbell. Oraoe A. Stayt. Sara G. Come. Eunlce Thompson. Mertle L. Gooden. Viola M. Willlttms. Harry Palmer. Ëdward M. Wllson. Nellie C. Phillips. üertrude 8. Wade. BerthaE. Pritchard. Scitntiftc Courte. James F. Breakey. Arthur J. Kendall. Blrdle B. Bltss. Fannie M. Groves. J. Almlra Curtís. Ueorge E. Mlller. Susle A. Clark. EllaX,. Matthews. VevaCornwall. Opal Robeson. Lawrence T. Cole. Fred 8. Richmond. Arlhur H. Covert. Mark Rockwell. Dwlght B. Cheever. Annetta Stayt. Adolph J. Dlebl. Charles E. Thoinaa. Llzzle W. Dean. Jesaie Williams. Edward H. Edwards. Carrle M. Watson. Anna B. Wllsey. Englith Coure. Carlotta B. Bullís. Oertrude E. Sauford. Nanule Brothers. Uatlle B. Rtoe. Albert R. Crlttenden. Nettle F. Sales. Walter S. Drew. Edlth Seyler, Jennie M.Urace. Ada .Sutnerland. Dwlght . Pray. Nellie G. Williams. Engineering Courte. Wllllam F.Tolchard. Mutie Courte. Luella M. Rose. Commercial Elizabeth Bradshaw. Emraa M. Herey. Robert E. Chrlstman. Irene Jubnson. E m ma R. Colé. Tomas .S. Mann. Cora J. Estey. Nathannlel ('. Martin. Wllllam A. Gwlnner. George W. Prlce. Frank N. Halleck, Unlph C. Pinckny. At Unirersity Hall Friday morniiut the graduating exercises tüke place with the followiuj; PUOUKAMMK: 1. A Plea for the Russlan l'easantrj , Arlhur H. Covert. Huperlor. 2. Conventlonallty, Sara G. Come, Aun Arbor. 3. Beueflts of Vice, Mark Rockwell, Corey. 4. TheLandofPromUe, Graoe A. Stayt, Ann Arbor. 5. The Art of Making Poverty. Thomas B. Cooley, Anu Arbor. t). The Seen and ihe Unseen, M. Belle Sperry, Ann Arbor Town. 7. WhatNext? Earle W. Dow, Bellefontaine. U. 8. Courage and Rashness, Vlula M. Williams, Ann Arbor Town. 9. Eastern and Western Clvlllzatlon, Benjamin E. Page. Ann Arbor. 10. A Defense of Posltlve Oplnlons, Anna B. Wllsey, Ann Arbor. 11. Satire and lts Effocls, Nellie O. Williams, Anderson. Nellie G. Phillips, Ann Arbor. 12. Soience, Friend or Foe, 1. Luck or Gumptlon, GertrudeS. Wade, Ann Arbor. Muslc by Chequamegous.


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