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The Fish And Game Law

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At the request of several of our sportsman we reprint a copy of the new law for the protection of flsh and game, passed by the last legislatura, and furnished us tfy Deputy Game Warden Imus: To amend section one of Act nuniber one hundred and twenty-four, session law.-i elgbteea hundred and slxty-nine, entitled "Au Act to revise and consolídate the several acts relating to the proUcion of triiinc, and tor the better preservation of elk, deer, blids and all subsequent amendmenU of said section, the same bcinjr section two thousand one hundied and nlnety-eight, Huwell's Annotated St'itutes. 2198, 8eotion 1. No person or persous shall pursue or Inuit, or kill any deer in tliis State, save only from the tiisi day of November to the first of December Inclusive in each year. Proviilcd, that In the Upper Península deer may le killed between the first days of October and the lifteenth day of November only, in each year; or kill at any time any deer wlieti It is in its red coat, or iny fuwn when it is in lts spotted coa't and the huving In bis poesession the skin f iuch deer or fawu, shall bc prima uie evidcnce ol such Ilegal killing. No person sh til :it iny time kill or capture any deer in tho water of any of the streama, ponds or lakes within the jurisdiction of this State, or kill or capture any deer by means of any pit, pitfall or trap, nor shall hr make use.of any artificial lightiu hunting euch deer. No person shall make Uke nf a dag in fiunting, pursuing or kitting deer within the boundarie of th i State, and any dog pursuing or killing a deer or followiiig upon the track of a deer, is hertby dedared to be a pub ie nuisance, and may be killed by any jierson where so een, and the owner of such dog shall have no recourse al law against the person so killing such dog. No person shall kill or destroy by auy means whatever, or attempt to tske or destroy any wild turkey at any time, cxeept in the inonths of October, November aud December of each year, or kill or destroy by auy means whatever any woodeock, or any partridge, (r mujtfed grouse, or ajid wild doek, wild yoose, or other wild water-fowl, or tnipe, save only from the fint day of Septeviber In each year to the first day of January next following. The taking, currying or sending by any means whatever, into or through any county of this State, or any of the game or animáis which have been killed or raptured contrary to the provisions of this section, or the hide of euch animáis, shall be illeyal and is declared to be an offeuse against the provisions of this net in any county in or through u Inch such game, animáis, or hldes may be taken, and such oifenge may be punished as provided in section six of this act bereby amended. This act Is ordered to take immediate effeot. Approved June 25, 1887.


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