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To enumérete the graduales of the University of Michigan now holding posiltons in otlier Universities would take up a column or so of space, and the list constantly increases. Some of the recent appointinents are: Miss Lucy M. Salmón, lit, '70, has been appointed piofessor of history la Vassar College. W. II. lCaea lit, '81, takes the Chair of of Pedagógica in De Pauw University, Greenciistle, Ind. Geo. W. Knight, class of '78, ts professor of history aud political economy in the Ohio Stute Universityof Columbus. Win. W. Campbell, lit, '86, has been Appointed professor of Mathematica in the Univemly of Colorado, at Boulder City. Chas. C. Comstock ia now the Director of the Observatory and professor of Astronoiny in the University of Wiaconsin, at Madison. Prof. 3. M. Schaeberle, lit, '7(i, the present able ussistant In astroiioiny has been tendered an assistaut professorsliip in the great Lick Observatory of California, aud in all probability will accept. Lawreuce C. Huil, lit, '77, principal of the Detroit High School for the past two yenrs, hxs been appointed master (profjs8or) in Lawrenccville Acadeiny, at Lnwrenceville, New Jersey, at a salary of $4,000. Prof. W. H. Butts, formerly of this city, a gradúate of the Uolverslty, and forseveral years principal of tlie ürchanl Líike Militnry Acadeniy, has reaigned his positiou there and accepted the Cliair of Mathematica In the State University of Iowa. Genenil Master Workman Powderly publislies the following in the Journal of United Labor, of Pliiliidelphla, in rel'erence to tlie assertions in a mimber of newspapers that the organization of the Knlghts of Labor ig breaking up : ' We are bicaking up as the ploughman breaks up the soil for the sowlng of new seed; we are breaking upold traditions; we are breaking up hereditary rights and planting everywhere the seed of universal rights; we are breaking up the iilea that moiiey makes the man and not moral worth; we are breaking up the idea that might make8 right; we are breakirjg up the idea that legislation is alone for the ricu; we are breaking up the idea that the Congress of the United Statea must be run by mlllionaires for the benefit of milllonairef; we are breaking up the Idea that a fw men may hold niillions of acres of untilled land while other men starve for want of one acre ; we are breakiiif,' up the pmetice of putting the loborof crimináis into competitlon wlth bné#l labor and stnrving it to dcath; we are breaking up the practico of Importlng g norances bred of monarchie and dynamite iu order to deprecíate intelligent, skilied labor at home; we are bieaking up the practice of einploying little children in factories, thusbreedlnga race deformcd, gnorant and prolligate; we are breakinr ap the idea that a man who works wilh !iis hands has tieed neither of education lor of civilizing rctineinontH; wc aro breaking up the Idea that the accident of ;he sex puts one-half of the human race aeyond the pale of constitutional rights; we are breaking up the practica of pavng women one third the age pald unen ecause they are women; we are breuk ing ip the idea that a man may debancb an :;fant girl and sljield himselt beblnd a aw he liini-elt made; we are breakiiiL' ip ignoranco, inteniperuncc. crime and ppreiioa of whateverj cliarai ter and whereverfound. Yes, the Knights of Laor are bieaking up and they will coninue tbelr appointed work of brwking ip until universal rights sliull picvail; nd wblle they may not bring u the uillenluni they do their part in Ilieevoution of moral forecs that aro worklog or the emancipation of tlie race." When the interior of the M. E. Chiucli s completed, it will be one of tlie handomest in the State. W. H. Burleson, the Huron street candy mervhant is very sick with brain fever. The tirst shipnient of peaches this sea3OM was made bist FrfcUy by Kvart Scott. four busliels, to Detroit. 1 11 the circuit cou:t last Thursday au order was grauted in the case of Tubal C. Owen V8. Wall ace, Welch & Co., appowtlng a recelvcr, and E. K. Freuauff, was appoinied. The contract for four uevv stoel boilers for the hw boiler house on the cauipns, has been let to the Lauatdg Iron works for$2,6,'S6. This includes steam and mud drums and all fitting! and tixtures. The new boiler house now comtnenced vvill be G0x622 feet in size, and the excavatiou therefor will be 14 feet, which H. Kittredge says will be au awful jile of dirt. The chimney will bc 90 foet high, having 4J foot flue. The object of the larjce flue is to furnish ventllation for the new anatómica! building with its dissecting room, the refme of which will be hureafter burncd up in the furnaceg. The proposiliHii to raise $5,000 with wbich to push the many advantajres of this city is a good one, and ought to carry, and yut it is doubllul if it does carry. There are nmny people wbo will vote against iinytliï nfc and everythiiifr that adds a penny's wetght tü the taxes. Then tgalu tbera ure i tlieti living hete in the city who do not desire any further advanennent of the mnnufacturing industries of the city - they have no desire to see a crowd of men upon our gtreets carryliiK tin paiU to and fioin their work. Then there is a class who are indifferent and don't care a cent, one way or the other." And these classes aro ia the majority. The only way to carry such a scheme through is for the live, energetic, enterprising :nenof the city tojoin forces and push it with such energry that all opposition will quall beforo it. Ann Arbor can doublé her popuUtlon in ten years, if she ehooses to, or she can sit down aiul fold her hands and let the iicxl ciiisiis 8how a fallirifr off as the lust one did. Whlcll is jireferable? If yon are not too busy, read caretully what Bach & Abel have to say this weck.