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Dry! AVell, I should say so! AVhy, its a...

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Dry! AVell, I should say so! AVhy, its as dry as- as- as the Ypsilanti Sentinel, for iustance. A Livingston Co. chap named ürapcs has gone to Dakota to scek his fortune. Hope It wou't sour on him. Dou't be in burry about " payingr up " for that drive well patent if you liaye one. Tlie chances are ten to one you can't be made to pay for it. The prospect of having electric light at Ypsilanti terrorizes the editor of the Sentinel vcry much as the sight of water does the average niad-dog. Let's see. Oh ! yes, Nina Van Zandt. Wonder where Nina is now? Haven't heard of her rccently. Gone to hunt up the Detroit end of the University medical department, perliaps. In 18S4 old Burchard's threc U's as 'Rum, Konianism and Kebellion," was a black eye to Blaine, so in 1SS8 will the three U's as V Return the Rebel Rags," be a black eye to Cleveland.- Reed City Clarion. The ahle editor of the Ypsilanti Sentinel should remember that these re dog days, and not allow his frenzy over Ann Arbor and the University to so completelv run away wltli him. lts positively dangcroiis. The republicans of Ohio ere loyal to their noble son, Senator Sherman, and at their recent state convention gave him a boost toward the presidential nominatlon. The Senator's brother, Gen. Sherman, would make a strong run. Under a new lawgiven by the last legislatura the circuit Judge grantlng a dlvoice has power to iorbid the remarriage of either party for two yeam. Should the power beexercised hls honor wlll becalled hard namis more than ooce.- Plnckney Dlspatch. Well, if he does do it he will be termed a just judge by the community in gen( rul, who belleve that our lax laws in relation to divorce have done a great deal to demoralize society. A new law toon to go into efiect provides that all holders of mortgages shall pay interest upon them, tlmt the register of deeds of each county shall send statements to other counties in the State to the register of the county in which such holders of mortgages may reside, and that such mortgages shall be assessed as u real eBtate. The taxes at Ypsilanti aceording to one of lts able papers "will be nine dollars per head, for every man, woman and child in the city." And then talk about booming, such a tax ridden town ! Why, you ïnight as well try to make a white man out of a heathen Chinee! No wonder every one living there is trying to sell out and leave towu ! A bilí has been passed by the Georgia house of representatives imposing i penalty of one year's service in the chain gang together witli a fine of $1,(100 for tl.e ofl'ense of educatinif white and colored c'nildren in the same school. And the bilí will doubtless become a law. Such is the sentiment in the "New South" we hear so much about, is it? Isn't it awful ! Just think of it ! Right here in Washtenaw county ! Right under the very nose, so to speak, of the State Normal Sehuol (and of Woodruff) there are boodlers! The Ypsilanti Sentinel brings out the startling intelligence ihnt it cost "two huudred a piece for six" to get the electric light contract through ils city council. Such proceedings are certainly terrible ! Tlie republicana of Oblo have put the follorting excellent ticket In the field: (jovcrnor, J. B. Foraker; LicutenantGovernor, Captain W. C. Lyon ; Supreme Judge (long term), "William T. Spear; rfnpreme Judge (short term), F. J. Dickinan; State Auditor, E. W. Poe; State Treasurer, J. C. Brown; Attorney-General, 1. K. Watson; Member Board of Public Work, C. A. Fllcklnger. It is wlth regrct that we read the valedictory of C. W. Stevens in the last Eaton Kapids Journal, that paper haviug been sold to Messrs. Fairfiekl & Henley, both of whom are graduates of Oberlin college. By tlie asslstance of hia son Fred V. Mr. Stevens has brought the Journal up into the front, of tlie state press, and the best wish for their successors is that tliev may be as succeesful. It may not be generally known but it is a fact just the same that Port Huron 8 pushing i railroad tunnel through under the rivcr. The length of the actual tim nel will be 5,270 feet or one mile, of wliicb. 2,210 feet will be under the water. The total length of the tunnel and its npproaches will be 15,150 feet. The tunnel, cyllndrical in fonu, will have a diameter of 20 feet in the clear. The greatest ileptli of water over the top of tlie work will be 40' ¦, feet and the minimum 35 li il. Detroit better keep her eyes open. When this tunnel is completed, and -tniidarcl guage road built through from l'ort Huron to Bay City to intercept the ;reat northern trafüc, Port Iiwon will JOOIU. How is it about this "straw bail" business? We are tolil, by au official wlio ought to know, tlint in the case of the msfl "Howard" who obtalned money upon a forjíed paper at Manchetter, that lie "éettled it up1' by paying costa, íive b;iil in the sum of f:300 to appcar at the next term of court, wlth a man for bondsraan that no oue knew (and who some tbink also gave an assuiiied name) :ind witli the direct understanding between prosecutor, court and all hands, tbat lie, "Howard," would never be seen Of hi'anlot' hcre Miiin, nor his bonilsinan, humt. The jiicHtioii arlsei whther it riicht ti) turn crimináis idrift upon the coinmuiiity in that way when the law (.nee lias tliem In itsclutches? Has any offloM the rigiit to "settle It," with a man who has committed a crime ? Are tbere not ome thiiiKS in the practiees of our cciurts of justice that need rvforming? Or is it all right?


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