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A Bad Sentinel

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The Coukier tells ufan Ypsilantl man who carne up to Aun Arbor tu live, and though the inei couldn't touch hira, the women rulned liliu. We don 't wonder. Aun Arbor women :u llke old Sterrltt's whlskey, "bad eoough to ruin anybody."- Ypsllanll Sentinel. A iiiiín's opinión of people is naturally ftinned from tlie company lie keeps, wlilcb fiict appean to make Bro. Woodruff vary uojust towurdi the many wortliy women of Ann Arbor. Two white robed young woraen were promeuadlng the streeta on Krtday, and on Saturday :i inTiior ui they were at Uranger's Orove enjuying the cool xhade, when Ortieer Kelly wint there at the request of resldents In that Hectlon and ascertaiuing that they were from Ypsllanll Inlormed theni Ihat the 4 o'clock traía would be a gooii one for them to (to home on, and they sald they would go, but to be sure of 11 h went to Ihe depot to see that Ihcy were on it.- Manchester Enterprise. If Offloer Kelly is sure they were, he better curry tlifi news to Bro. Woodruff, of the Buntrnel. Oh, Courier, come ofl'! Don't be so pathetlc over the old pioueers, nor waste lears for the "toils of otir forefathers." We knew a Bod ninny of the old fellows, and know that they were as happy and eujoyed themselves full as well as thelr after-chlldren are dolng who luuorautly commlsserate them. They are not asklng any such sympathy. Drop the old chestnuts- Seutinel. All right. You're ofl' - and luve been for some time.


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