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Backten! Árnica Salve. The üest Salve in the world for Ciits, liniisc-, Sores, ricéis. Salt Eheum, Fever SiireSjTetter, Chapped Bands, Chilblalne, Coraa, and ill skin Empilona, and positivcly cures Piles, or uo pay requireil. Jt is t: liaran teed to jrlve perfect satisfaction, nr mon ey refunded. l'rice 2." cents per box. For Sale bv Eberbach & Son. Jenkins [ezamlnlns a pedigree huiisr In Snobton'a parlor) "So tlmt s your Cunily tree. is il í And u bat is that g:ip in the mlddle?'' Snobstnn : "Tliat, er- well, er - oh, that i the Hood !" Don't Experiment. Yon cantiot níTbrd to waste time in experimentiDg wlien your lungs are in dm - get. Oonramption alwayt leenu ut flrstonlyaoold. Donot permitan; dealer to Intpoae upon ymi wiih lome clieap Imitatlon of I)r. King'8 New Discorery tor Coniumption, ooagbi and coldg, but be sure you get the genuine. BfCauM he can üiako umie proflt lie muy teil you lie has gometliing just as rood, or jutt the sa Don'l be oecelved, but insist apon getttng I)r. Kini;'s New Diseovery, wliicli 11 fruaraoteadtoglvfl relict lu all Tbroat, lung and chetl affectlont. Trial bottlet froe at Eberbach's store. Mamma (to little Joy, ajted four, wlio wants tO Itay in l)cd): "Come, dearia, il i-i time now to fret op. Dont you heur that rotiin outt-ide yonr rindovrf He says, 'Oet lip, jret up, get up now, get op qulck."1 Joy (Hatenlng thouf htfully) : "Yes, I hear him; but he says it to li is own cliildien.'1


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