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1 lie Flve Sislors. Tlierewere flvefalr sisters, and bad an niin- Plora would faln he a fasliloimlilc dama ; Scholarly Suian'a leleetton wim booka; Ooqaettlio Oors o&rod more for u'j.i looki; Anua, nmliillous, MOlred flrr wmltta Sensible sm-uii itragnt rtrst for good beuth. So she took Dr. Pierce'e Oolden Medical Dlicofery aml grew healthy nod blooming. Cora' beauty qulckly faded; Bnmn'n eyO-lght f al led frooi over-atudy; Plora béfame nerroua and fretful ín striving after fashion, aml aslokly famlly kept Auna' husbend poor. Battenalble Siiiaii frêw dally more healbhy, charmlng and intelligent, utid she Barrled íich. Omnlüi man- "Im the Concord Sch.ol of Phlloiophy ifolng yet ?'' Boston man - "Yes, bat it n not very well Rttended." "What sciíins to be the matter?" "It's t lie location. We're tliinkin of tnovin-r the school furtlitr out into tile ooiinl I v" "Ton noiay wbare ti Is I syppote,11 "Ves and too oear tne baTl gróund." S.ned llls Life. Mr. 1). 1. Wilooxsoo, of Horee Qve, Kv, sayi he whb, for iimny yearp, badly amlcted with Phthtsie, alio Diabetes; tlie ),niis wcn-ulinnst n idurnble and would sonietiuH'S almos! Ihrow liim Into conviilsions. lie tricil Electric Jutters md put relief f rom flrst bottle, nnd alter t.ikiim ¦Ix bottlea w8 entirely eared, and bad gained kn Hesh elhteen pounds. Bayí Im Misiive]y bellerea he woold have dlecl b id It not been for the relief afforded ia EhscI trie Bitterg. Sc. ld at. flfty eest a bottle by Eberbacb é Sou.


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