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It Is To Be Noticed

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That tlio recent rain was a godsend. That all gas heie so f ar is quite natural. That everything a man has to buy for lus tablc is high in price. That Grover and Frankie will not visit Ann Arbor on their swing around the circle. That it is often safe to count money loaned to a friend among things loved and lost. Thut tliis will pass nto history as the hottest and dryest summer ever known in Michigan. That base ball cntliusiasts hereabouts are united in the belief that Chicago will win the pennaiit. Tliat E. II. ö. looks healthier since coming home fiom the nortb, even if he did indulge in poetry. That the drought in a few days accomplished what it will take years to replace in the killing of shade trees. That Ypsilanti's love for Aun Albor is not that of a young lady for a lover- but ralbar of that of a cat for hot soap. That the Covrier oillce is prepared to do neat, nice, dainty wedding invitations, or great handsoine showy posters, alther one. That although 70 mw residences are going up in Ann Arbor this season, yet house rent does not go down or houses reinain vacant. That the potato erop will be light in view of the scarcity of rain, and the grower of the festivo beun will reap hls reward this year. That if you want a tip-top local paper " all nlivc and eyes wide-open," you will do well to subscribe for the Coumek - only $1 per year. That Ann Arbor has too many bachelors, who have the ability and means to make gentío bouIs happy by marrying them but will not. Ihat the people have no desire to persecute the Ann Arbor Water Co., but tliey do not want the Ann Arbor Water Co. to impose upon tliom. That it is better to have ciunped and returned than to never havo camped at all. But if in swimming it is better to liave not cramped at all than ever to have cramped. That the best way for a wife to reform her husband from stayinj; out nights is to stayout nights too, on the principal that what's sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose also. John F. Abbott, medie '87, is now the physician at the Detroit Sanitarium. Mary Ann GrifflQ of the 4th ward, died Aug. lOth, of oíd age and general djbility. Funeral held Friday, at 3 p. m. What do you think about it? C;in Ann Arbor aftbrd to give $5,000 for the purpose of building heiself up? Or sliall she sit down and mump, and wonder why It is that othcr clties without half her advantajres outstrip her in {frowtli? Our own citi.ens have it in tlicir power to do either way.


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