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Royal Baking Powder

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Free from Urne and Absolutely Pure. The Royal Baking Powder is made from Cream of Tartar specially refined and prepared for its use by patent processes, by whidi the Tartrate of Lime is totally eliminated. This highly important result has been attained only with great care, labor and expense. In money alone a quarter of a million dollars has been invested in patenta, machinery and appliances by which the crude Cream of Tartar, being procured direct from the wine districts of Europe, and subjected in this country to these exclusive processes, is rendered entirely free, not only from the objectionable Tartrate of Lime, but from other foreign substances. This adds greatly to the cost of manufacturing Royal Baking Powder; but, as all its other ingredients are selected and prepared with the same precise care and regardless of labor or expense, an article is produced that is entirely free from any extraneous substance and chemically pure in all respects. No lime, earth, alum or impurity of any kind can, by inadvertence or by the use of adulterated articles or otherwise, be introduced into the " Royal," and it contains no ingredients except those certified by the most eminent chemists necessary to make a pure, wholesome and perfect baking powder. It costs more to manufacture the Royal Baking Powder than any other, but it is, as shown by chemical analysis, the only absolutely pure Baking Powder made. Royal is the only Baking Powder made that is free from both lime and alum.


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