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Little By Little

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Not In a roaring rlver pourlng, FalU the aummer raiu, Uut wltU a sprlnkle, patter, tlnkle, On the roof and hul. and plaln. Drop by drop- how the green leaves grow ! Drop by drop- how the fair buds blow ! The stiowi that cover the bare earth over To wrap her winter sleep, Fly bither, tlilther, feather by feather, √úntll they lle knee deep. Flake by fluke guarda the bulb from harm, Flake by √ľake Is the wueat ktpt wurm. The orchard gladdens the eye and reddens Witli apples all lts trees; Bot not In a minute was drawn wlthin lt Tbesweets of sun and breeze ; The black eed firat, theu tho tender boot. The trunk, the blossom, and now the frnit. Never were seven-league-boots glven Except In the falry tale. Nor can winning hurry the speed, or carry One over peak and duit'. Step by step. In shlne ana shnde. Is the long road traveled, the Journey made. Second by seeoml time la reckoned, As wlnged are they as bees. Too swltt for countlng. yet soon amounting To years and centurieg. Kvery tlck ol the olook gays one ! And all lt can do for the wond Is done. Small however the true endeavor.l Ureat raay lts outcome be, A burelen lfghtened; a lonu llfe brlghtened ; A slave to sin get f ree ; The slck and the sorrowtng vlslted, The nuki'd elutlied and the hutigry fed.


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