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Gov. Luce's Visit

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Gov. Luce carne to the university last Frlday, went tlirongb the varinus departinents, made a speech to tlie laws, and was vigorously applauded. Instead of henthens and rowdies lie found ladies and gentlemen both amone the faculty and tlnclents. There was no word, thnuj(ht or action that could be lortured lnto dis respect. Which proves how baseless and how mean were the many slandcrs set tfloat last full by the encmies of tbc university about intended IndlgnKiei to the govertior. In fact the governor likcd what lie saw so well that he haspromiscd to come again tlits fall whc everythin; shall have got down to running order, :uul spend several days in looking over the institution and ascertaining ts needs and necessities. Could somc others who have fed themselves upon prejudice instead of facts, follow the governor's cxnmple, they would feel dilVerently we ire sure alout the univorsity and ts work. In bis fpeech before the law students the governor in substanoe told the boys t lint the countrj' had 110 nced for lawyiis, and that they could become more useful citizens by poini; liome and iMoening producer. In the evening (ov. Luce niadc I speech at Hobart Guild Hall, and is credited with telling the audienee that it was mainly tbrough bis effoits that ladies were adinitted to the uciversity. During bis stay in the city Gov. Luce was handsomely entertained by Mayor Sinitli, who did everything in his power (and the Mayor is a hustler) to make his stay a pleasant one. Prominent citizens were invited to dine with and meet the distinguUhed gucst, and if be failed to enjoy biniselt It was nol the fault of his lii.t, tliat's certain.


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