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Tubsday, Oct 25.- The county Treasurer presented to the board a statement oí daily balances with the 8 iviugs Bank, wbich was ordered prluUd. Uiüs for the county funda were tbeo opeoml'. The Svinn8 lmk bid was 5 ind 5-100 per cent. Interest on daily ba'ances, nnd charge the saine for nver-drafr.s The Farmers' and Mechan e's Bxnk bid 5 30100 per cent. per annum lipou all rlnpntftt and tlie same for over-drafts. The First NatloDal. 4!g per cent per anniini. Tlie F.-imiers' and Mechanic's Bimk Wel km accepted, arler a hot tifjht. Dr. V-uisrlihu wasallowed $18 00 on a bilí offjö.üQ. The motion to appoint Mr. O'IIeain a committee f one to boy land for h eomity jail birn was reconsidered The follow injf list of rejected taxes.wa reponed bi Supervisor Purtell : Ann Arbor City, lst dlutrict. .. f 9 43' 11 2d " 48 sa Augusta ' 5 ju Manchester " 47 NorthBeld 4 7 syivan ::.::".:::. 1$ Wednesdat- The PiosecutiiiK Attorney rave an opinión as to the louning of county funds. Mr. Graves, of Vpsilunti, (uo prejudice induced hun to do it of course) offered the following Whkbkas. The drlnklng ftTuntaln erected on the walk leadlng from Uie soutli door of the Court-House is an obstruction and an annoyance to persons approaching or leavthereforeU U8e by 'Ue Uth eutranceResolved, That the coramlttee on public buildings be Instructed to confer with the coramon councll of the city of Ann Arbor In regard to tue removal of suld founialn. and that they request lt to be removed to the wTthinW8Txtyd2y8ftheCOUrt HüUse square - ....v.„u wm .. vjiiii uit; IIIHlllír W118 indefiaitely postponed. The Heester of Deeds was iven permission to purehase a county atlas foi use In nis office, providiiifr it does not cost over $5. Edward Gorman was elected as arni for Lyndon to have charge of the buria] of deceased uulon soldiers, and John Haness in Lodi. Mr. McCormick w.uittd the distinction between town and eountv poor abulUhed, but only got rlve votes therefor. The Supt's ot the poor were authorized to pnrohase a $25 oran for the county house. County Treiisurer Belser was hlglily coinpliniented for the neatnoss and eonwttteM of hls books Ihe ciiiiiiy clerk was settlel with The üeputy Fish and G;une Wird-H8 wen granreil the same compensiition as doputy sheriffs for üke services. The fish-Miutës were not ordered to ba put In- th supervisors- all but Mr. Yost, Hunkin;.' wl the time carne to ordt-r them. l'lie balance of the day was pont over the fiimoue uiiloadinjf of taxes on the cities.


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