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Wanted--a Widow With $ $

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1 met lier on the tennis lawn, Before the summer flowers were gone, One lovely clay at half-past flve, Shc binted Mie would likeadrlve. (The livery bil) was $7 for Ihal CXOIirSloll.) I ipoke of poctiy ml art, A nd s trove lo reaeh her tender heart, The nigM wus tull of locust-spiee, shf blnted at a lemon ice. (And, of courte, she liad tobnve oike nul all Ilial, and tlic lunch rost me $3.2 jcfore we got tlirongh.) We beard tliesongof mntiy blrdff, My tonel were low, and soft niy vordl. Ilir sniHlIist wb I ihuoltl obey- She hlnted at a white boquet. (The one she wunted cost $2, and I run n lor t.) My slyle icrowa grave, nnd I dlscourse Keliftion. ethtcs, and mural furce And placid Joys tlint love may brlng, She hluted at a diamond ring. (Idldn't take the hint, howivcr, and changed the subject.) I spoke ol rustte, Qulet, wnlks In mo.inlil, doneallo talks, My wlfe In simple calleo - Aii. I then she hlnted I conld go. (And lier pnpa aocented that hint with the "o.") Thongh lotsof hrass, I'venot m'ieh gold, So Ir it strange my love grew cold ? siR'h scènes aflVction could notbear For even one sosweet and fair. (Since then I've been on the lookout for a widow, one with plenty of capital, a comfoi table home. and withnut


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