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The Iiigham county supervisors charge th...

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The Iiigham county supervisors charge their county $1.44 each for visiting the eounly farin. Cheap enough. Last Monday the countic3 of Grand Traerse, BDzle, Leelanaw and Antiim roted for proliibltlon under tlie ncw law. President Cleveland sent an essay over to Cotigress yesterday. Subject "The Tariff." He concludod that it mul ba refoimed- tliat'sall. If the Detroit Journal Is notoffin its calculations, the general government will have to pay $2,000,000 to thil state for swamp lands doe. 63 out of 64 applicants for teachers' cerUticates in Van Buren county, couldn't answer the queslion : "What is the Congo Free State?' And yet Van Huren county voted for prohihition last Saturday by a wbooping majority. Hou. Jaines M. Neasinith, fofmerly commissioner of the state land office, bas been appointed and has accepteil as a meniber of the state board of corrections and charities. A right good man '" ll place wheie a good man is nceded. A stupendous pipe line connecting the Ohio and Pennsylvania oil fields is projected by the Standard Oil Couipany, and the construction of a truuk line betweeu New York and Chicago. It will cost $5,000, UÜO. The Cadillac Newi and Express comes t& us under the management of that accomplished journalist, Perry F. Powers, forinerly of the Ypsilantian. Here is to a long, newsy, brllliant, profitable and Puwer-ful career. President Cleveland is credited with giving $10 to the family of the engineer killed on his special train last slimmer - ($200,000 train)- $20 to the Charleston sufferers, and $1,000 to the democratie campaign fund in the last election. In the drawing of lots for seats our member of Congress, Capt. Allen, was quite fortúnate, and got a choiee seat in the 3d row on the left. The democrats from this state fared badly, while the republicans were very fortúnate and are all together. Herr Most and his clique are dangerous to the peace of any coinmunity in which they reside. The only afc place for such lazy cowards is behind the bars or In the chain gang. A man wbo will openly defy the lawt that protect Iiim is not a fit man to erjoy the liberty of a citizen. The annual meeting of the State Sunday School Association is to be held at Kalatnazoo, Dec. 13th, 14th and 15th. Each church Is requested to send a de!egate. It is to be hoped that all Sunday Schools in Washtenaw county will be represented, as steps will be taken to organize a. county association. The price of salt is not exorbitant. Not over one-half what it was under free trade. Now this democratie congress proposes to take off the tariff go that the salt brought over in ioreign boats as ballast niay glut the market and break down our manufacturers, then, of course the foreignerswill have the trade all tothemselvcs. The workingman who favors free trade, and European wages, fools himself. According to the democratie program Mr. Carlisle was re-elected speaker of the national liouse of representatives Monday. The question of his right to a seat in that body will be vigorously contested, and should it be decided against him rnlght be somewhat embarrassing for Mr. Speaker. But then, there is no danger of a democrat losing a seat he holds in the present house. The republic of France lias a new president. M. Grevy liaving been forced to resign because of scandals about his son-in-law, the French parliament or house of deputies, chose M. Sardi-Carnot as president of the republiu to succeed him. The new head is a strong republican, and has evldently united for a time all discordant elements. At any rate no revolution is expected. The Manchester Enterprise approves of the opinión that finding a dynamite bomb in a person's possession ought to be sufflcient evidence to commit to prison, and goes still further: "We lliink. the manufacture of such di'ath-dealing missies by anyone excepting the government, should be prohibited. and having one in one's possession should be deemed a high crime, and punUhable as such." "The Courier Is yexed," is the chronic argumentativo (?) rejoiuder of the prohibition organ of this city, the Register. It has used the same sentence so often without change of form, that we would sugifest something like this for Instance : "Our esteemed contemporary, - (which would be something new and original) - is very much exerclsed.1' Give us a change of venue. Anythinr for a change. President Cleveland sent the following nominations to the Senate, Tuesday : Luclus Q,. C. Lamar, of Mississlppi, to be aasoclate Juntlce of the supreme court of the United States. Willlara F. Vila, of Wlsconstn, to be secretary of the Interior. Don M. 1 ili'k niMiii, of Michigan, to be postmaster general. Lacius 8. Fairchlkl, ot New Yoik, to be eecretary of the treasury. George L. RlveB, of New York, to be asslstant secretury or state. Isaac H. Maynaril of New York, to be assUtant ecretary of Ihe treawury. tjlKOurney Butler, of Maasachusetts, to be Moood comptroller of the treasury. James V. ilyutt, of CouDecticut, to be U. K. treasurer. Tax-tlme Is at hand and the few dollars RHveil through a whule year's hard toil, by inany. 1b pitii] over to the collector to be used largely In paylng a lot of clerkg In the dllli-rciit itnd' eounly oIHcm'k salarles of $l,2()0 to $1.100 per year for two or turee hours a day.- riymoutti Mali. Such items as the above tend to make people dlscontented and dissatislied, and do no earthly good to any one. Then agflifl the Item is unlrue. There are severa] clerks in the different departments, that's true, but the bulk of the taxes go to the carrying on of our schools and our government, in a legitímate way. Do away with all taxes and all government anarchy here for twhlle, and every mother"s son will be happy to go back again to the awful tax rolls. There is no government under the sun wliere ¦ taxes are so low, and the freedom of tbe eittzen n put as rigbt here in the U. S , and il is poor polkjy to cry out against It I


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