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The board of managers of the Agriciiltural Society met Thursday, Jan. 5, 3888. President in the cliair; secretary beiiij; absent Dr. A. J. Dell was chosen sccretnry. Tlio followin tiiiporiuteiulents were elrcted for the comlnji year: General Superintendent - A. V. Roblaon. Superintendent of Cattle- John Sperry. Hornea- N. Sutherland. Sheep- E. E. Leeland. Swlne- J. Eeppler. Poaltry--Coon Sperr. Farm Impleinenls -U. Lutlirop. Farra rdu Qarden - E. Huur. Fruit and sweat meats- John Altmand. Beeaand Honey- H. C. Markham. Mechaulcal worke- H. Paul. Flower- Wm, Couslns. Floral Hall- J. Boylan. Fine Arts- Miss M. Qoodrlch and Misa M. Brown. Mlscellanons- W. H. Dell. Commltteou By-laws and Printing- F. B. Braun, J. H. Mlnerand A. V. RoblsoD. Premium lints -F. E. Mills, E. E. Leoland, J. Keppler, O. E. Peters, N. Wood and Dr. Dell. Business Oommlttee-F. B. Braun. J. R. Mlner, D. Dell, C. Worden and 11. B. Dean. Transportation- II. S. Dean. The meeting adjourned to Jan. lOth, ut l p. m. It is important that every one who is interested in the Fair be present ut the ïirxt meeting, especially the department superintendents. The qui'stion of holding the next annual fair at Saline is being aitated and will probably be brought up and discussed at Lhe next meeting.