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The various departments are in full blast again. Every train to the city for the past few days has borne numbers of jolly young people returning to their studies after the holiday vacation. It seems pleasant to see them about the city once more. The University calendar is being cared for by Prof. W. H. Pettee, who is reading proof and keeping a sharp eye out for errors. The work upon the same is in a fair state of progress, and the calender for 1888 will be on time. A neat circular and card announces the new law firm in Chicago of McMurdy & Job, Robert H. and Fred W., office 40-43 Borden block. Their old friends here will be glad to learn of success for this strong team, and firmly believe that they will. On the evening of Jan. 20th, Prof. Galey is to deliver a lecture on "Home Rule In Ireland." Rev. Dr. Reilley, of Detroit writes a spirited endorsement of the professor to friends in Howell, and we have no fear in adding that the Howell folks will hear some excellent words and rare truths. The University Dramatic Club have engaged the grand opera house for Friday evening, Jan. 27th, to produce their play, "The Mystic Bell of Ronquerolles," under the managing hand of Prof. de Pont. The Dramatic Club have never made a failure, in fact their productions have been superior to the general run of dramatic entertainments, and this one is by far the best play yet attempted. Not one number of the University faculty attended the State Teachers' Association. We feel that a continuance of this exclusive policy on the part of the University professors is far from advantageous to the institution.- School Moderator. In the same connection the President J. W. Ewing, made these remarks: University professors should make themselves felt in this association. There is no reason for jealousy on the part of our state institutions, and between the denominational colleges and state institutions. The Alpha Nu Literary Society has arranged an Abraham Lincoln program for Saturday evening, January 14, as follows: Paper. "Lincoln's Education"...T. L. Bolton. Recitation, "Lincoln's Favorite Poem "... W. E. Healy Oration, "Lincoln as a Politician" H. Sheldon. Readlng, "The Second Inaugural Address" H. B. Dewey. Declamation, 'The Geddesburg Speech".. T. Kerl. Essay, "Lincoln as an Orator"... R. S. Smith. Both students and citizens are cordially invited. Exercises will begin promptly at 8 o'clock.