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A Very Profitable Ham

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"John, Iu ve you charged thatham?" isked a grocer ot' liis clerk a few moranfca since. "What ham?" was the question In iiiswpr. ''The h;im tliat was sold about ten llilllltCS igll." 'I did nol know thut a ham had been old. I ilid not sell auy.1' "Well, I did, and I don't remember to vliom 1 8old it. Do you remeinber?1' ¦ 'l'liis is the flrst I knew of any ham beiug 8old." The srrncer thoueht he had Io9t the irlce of the linm. Xot so with the cleik. I looked over tlie list of order?, aud ried to remember the person wbo had un ii in the tore that mornlng. Then he Charged the liam to every ono of these lersont, seventeen in all. "Slxteen of tliose wil] kick," remarked he clerk, "auil the seventeenth is the nn lm irot the ham." The proprietor nuaed the elerk's wajes ui'l touk a drink. Both unxlouily walched the result. Of he seventeen persons to whom the ham iid been ehargd, jiut four did the kickiiji act; tlie rent paid their bllls without 'urther inqnlry, so tlie procer got paid


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