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Hunting nitor twppioen is Hka hunting lifter u lost ülieep In tlie wiklenieís - wlien you lind it tlie ehauces are that t is a skeleton. - X. V. Sliaw. Have I done aught of vulie to niy fellowmeii? Tlien have I done inucii for myíelf. - Lavater. "Our aims are different Uiis iiiorniii;, 1 fear," said Deacon SmUli, as on the way to tlie butclier's he niet bis neltthbor, Jones, crogflng over to tlie Kr()íí shop. "Yes," said Jone?, ''You are foï the flesh and I am for the spirit."' i'lanaiian - Tliim's the thinnttt pair o' gents I ever seen, barrin' wun. LnnnlgHn - An' how thin was he, mlslll I ask? Flanagiin - Beaorra, he was as thin as the tvvo o' tliini put together. - London Fun. New Momber (to Washington hotel clerk) - What are your recular rates? Clerk - Four dollars a day payable weekly. New Member - You have different ratos f.r memben of course? Olerk - Yes, sir. Four dollars a day in ndvauce. - New York Sun. "Well, Nellie, does your husband still drinkt" "Yes, mother, nnd U's worrying the life out of me." "Did you trythe plan of breaklne liim of the hubit, that I surgested to you?1' "Ycs." "Did you put whisky in hls coflee f ' 'Yes." "What did he say ?" "He siiHl I was the only woinnn lie liad Reen since his mother died who knew how to make coffee as it should be made." -


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