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M1HOVU' IIÜIMITOKV. A.NV AkhdR i'omm LH DER Y, No. IS inccts drst Tuesday of each miMitli, c. E. Hlsrock, E. C; John K. UtDer, Recorder. ChAHTBR, No. 5, R A. M.- Mefts Bral Monilav each month. J. L. Sioae, H P.; Z. Roath, Secretary. BUSINESS CARDS. HENRY BL1TOH, COHTRACTOR AND BUILDER Heslilence and Shop NO. 85 Hill street, Ann Arbor, Midi. AH work prompt ly exeonted. and satisfhetlon guaran tceti. "CHAS. LALLEN," Contractos and Builden, Plans and Speclflcatton cniefully drawn. Keaideoce, 46 E. Catherine St., Ann Arbor, Mich. DR. C. HOWELL, PHYSICIAN OfKUK. Room i. Masonic Bloqk, Office honra: to 13; BtoCp. m. DR. H. R. ARNDT, PEYSICIAN Okkhk Ovkk Ki itsr NviiuNM, IÏank. HOUKfl at Okku'i : U:!ito 2 B. m ; 9:81 to :i :w p. in Can he reaohed at resida nc6 Vaal Hu run street, the "Trof. Nlrhol plae"' by lelephiwi ¦, So, w7, and wili rept y to c:iiis iu t tu' even Leg. WIIJJAn IIEKZ, House, Sign, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! Paperiatr, (lazin. Gilding, and L'alciminlnp, and work or ererj aefcrtpuou done in the best style.and warrantud to give natisfaction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washincton St., Anr, Arbor. W. W. & A C. XICIIOLS, DEITTISTS. Kooms Over Ann Arbor Satinas Bank, Masonic Temple Kloek. GASorVITALIZED AIR A'liuiniatcrt'd fur the patuleas extraction of teeth. O. l&T MARTÍN; CLOTfl CiiïfS, METALÍC And Oomooa Ooflün. Oalla nttented to Da; or Niuhi. Rrabalmlng ¦ ipeclaltr. su'erooiu on E. Washlngtu#8lreet. Kesldenoe Cor. Liberty and Klftli. V. II. .IA'KM, X',IE3'I INrilTlilllSIITII. OFFIOH : Ofer Itach & Alicl's Dry Bood Sfore. Entrance Moet to National Bank. MBS. V. ADEL VIDi: IíltOHM-, Professional Nurse ! Has had Hve yerirs oxprlnop, also firat ohtM hospital Hinl clinlcal (minina. Massage aad admliiLstnulon of Kloctrlclty a peclalty. Jnqulre at 10 South 99 Thayer st. Ann Arbor, Mich. SJhe Best and Purest Medicine II ¦].Itwllllri vc the Humor fromyour III I 4,. iCjBvstfin, auJ mske yonr t-ki ¦¦¦II IH%. .., 't7t:vm and BBOoth. Tho8fl I '(. Tpinile8 and Blot li' -JJ tata'' '' y. w l'ii li mar your hciiulym Ka V, f, ' Vjk ai: rausocl by ImpureU Hl 'e , '',; %eLtili"'l, and -an l' III ' '' ¦ 't ?.riMiiiiM-dliianliin-tl II I ''''' V Lti""'' if y(iu ai'e I CoJ Al A. Vi 't &n V '0 L. b9 111 4 A, f%. k olH m Tlio Dose lsV r'"f, % ¦ rjO m HmaU-oiilyatPa'{17i, -Ï ¦'".III Ihju(u1. It is thü, 4v "o % ¦ . III bent and ¦heapeKtk 'y - -ll llnH-.ilrine. Try it, anclk''. ''' , I III yu w fmtisiled . 'tí, t, , " 111 S i-i't Itof your Drugglst. J V S jJ l mx'T Wait. G et it at osii yj ö I If youare Bufforintr from Kiilk 11 lll'n'v IMsease. and wi-h to live tot III la (?e, ne Sl.'LI'lll It BITTEKS; I III Thcy never Lail to curu. III Senil 3 2-cnt Btnmps to A. 1. h-dwar Co.. BomoD.Mass., for bcbt nwtliualwork uiililinbcd? C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldest agency In the city. Kstabllshcd ih6r Í 9aarler of a eentury ago. liepreHentlng "e rollowitig tirst-clu-ss companieB, wlth over 60,000,000 Capital and AhhcU. HOME IN8. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA. INS. CO., of New York. QIRAHD IN8. CO., of Philadelphla. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMKRCIAI, UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOÜK. WASHINGTON FIKK and MARINE, of Boston. Rates Ix)w as tlie Lowest, IiOsses LiberMr Adjnsted and promptly l'aid. C. H. MILLEN. . roR Jams, Confections and Preserves Manufacturad by the Ann Arbor Preserviug (jo , iso lo 8ROW A, CADT, Mi oie Agenta for Ann Arbor, or u the factory Plttatield road. South.


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