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A Break-up

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Tlie Greenback party is diaappearing arnl its nierabers going back into the purties froni whenee they canie or elM Dto the one nearest thcir Ideal on otlier matters. Ex-Congresíinau Monea W. Field, thcir cliairman of the State Commlttee has come out in a letter against iurther tusion anü favoring the republican doctrine of protection, advising his greenback (rienda to follow him and stand up against the f roe trade endeavor to destroy the industries of Uie state. Probably the greenback party will uow disband, tothe discomfiture of the democrats who have been usinji them. And with this aid absent the aemoeracy sees ita last chance eo by to capture Michigan, for of those who do not go with Mr. Field into the Kepubliean party nmny will join the United Labor party, which will also draw not a few from the Democratie ranks. Thus will the lead ers of the enemy too late see their fatal niistake in desertinfr Michigaivs best interests to obey the behests of the Engllsh Cobden Club. Protection to Mlotrigan wool, iron, copper, lumberand salt is the cry which will rally all vh ) love our fair Península inore than party. The scène on the floor of the seríate, Tuesduy, was a dlBgrace tü the nut Ion. Tbe bllllngsgale lndulged In by IngaUs and Voorhees marks tbe want of the lnstincts or a gentleman in hot 11. The senate, which elects suoh a vltuperatlve Individual a8 Ingalls 1 Ih preHident, will soon be a thlng of the past. And the democratie majorlty which will come In power with the next senate will not electsuch a man as Voorhees lts president.- Argus. How partisanship does warp the judgment. The editor of the Argus, hiinself a gentleman, possesslng tlie tiner and belter instinct of his clas?, natnrally despises the cowardly btiffonery and blaguardism indulged in by Mr. Voorhees in his unfortunate attack upon Senator Ingalls in the senate chamber last Wednesday. But in order to administPr the lashing to him that lie po mach ileserves, the Argus man drags Senator Inmilt in and cliastises him for sometliing lie did not do. The vituperation and billingsgate iudulged in by Ingalls was the quotingof Voorhees' record and speeches when he was aiding tlie enemtes of this government by secession speeches, and was a promlneut meuiber of the Kniglits of the Golden Circle, and tlie O. A. K. Not an ungentlemany word was uttered by Ingalls in that debate according to the official report in the CongresMonal Record of May 2d, but Voorhees had to be called to order by the chair two or three different times for his DOgentlemanly and indecent lanruare. Voorhees didn't like his own record, It was very humiliating to him to have his own letters and speeches quoted to him. HU statement "that the unión soldiers ghouM go to the nearest blacksmith shop and have an iron collar made and placed around their necks inscribed thereon in large letters: 'My Dog. A Lincoln'," sounded so harshly when quoted by Senator Ingalls that Voorhces (rol mad as a dog with a tin can lied to bil tail, and raved and tore and swore very mach like a bar room loafer. But Senator Ingalls uttered no word that any persou could take exceptions to. He ofiered no "btllingsgate," and we defy the editor of the Argus to quote one word said by Senator Ingalls in that debate that was not becominft a senator or a gentleman, qtioting from the official report in tlie ('ongressional Record. England as a representative free trade country, and the United States as a proection country may be contrastad. In England 51 per cent of the weallh goes to pay labor, 20 per cent to capital and 38 per cent to government, while in the U. S. labor gets 74 percent, capital 21 per cent and the government 5 per cent. Yet free trnders In this country ask the people to change this about.