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Mr. Yoorheis' favorite argument (?) is "you lie, you villain." Booth and Barrett will close their seasciii with $900,000 protitR to put in tticir pockets, of wliich $540,000 goes to Booth. Senator Eustis proved liimself a lar more politie and sensible man tlian dld SenatorVoorhees In tlie recent "scène11 in the senate elianiber. The Northville Record calis it the "City of the Straights." Some of those Detroit journalists will hop on liini and put in straights if he don t look out. Cleveland' inaugural which referred to a second presidential term as soinetliing to be deplored, iias fallen into ' inocuons desuetude," as it were. Judge llorse displays better sense in decllolDS to have his name used for the vico presideney than his friends do in trying to push him for that oftlce. If free trade is such a grand thing for tlie laborinq masses, why in the woild doesen't Knjfland keep her laborers at home? Why are they coming over Mere by Iba ihlp load t Will our free trade triends please answcr this question : If free trade will reduce tlie price of iiianuíactured goods, will it not of a necessity reduce the wages of the workuian who makes the artlclM? A monster petition is to lie gotten up for the release of the imprisoned anarchists. Just as great a remonstrance should be prefented at the same tline. l'his country has no use for anarchists ezoept in prison. Hon. James Birney, ot Kast Saginiiw, died last Tuesdny, aged 70 years. He was the son of Hon. James Q. Birney, the first abolition candidato for president, and was a prominent citlzen of the state, who will be missed. The Monroe Democrat will probably get over its lit of colic now that the River and Harbor approprlation bill is passed, giving this state f2,125,000 for the improvement of its rivera and liarbors. Sault Ste Marie Ketting a cool $1,000,000. Emmbt County carried local option, and this significant item is takpn from the lust Harbor Springs Itepnblican: " A ncw placa with card-tables up stairs, ginger pop on lirst tloor - soinething stronger 1 down celler!! 'Fora wirned, fore armed.' Somebody should take councU with some law abiding citien and IRYB himself costs." . How niany greenbackers wlll be permltted to go to the St. Louis national democratie couventioii froin Michigan? Xot oiie. And yet if it were not tor the green back vote there would be no more show for h democratie candidate in MichInn than there ia lor a Mormon in Ilcaven. It is the old story of ' taxation without represen tation." Senator Ingalls in hU bout witli that ancient vituperative coppethead and whilhom ceoeHlon lyiupaililzer, Daniel W. Yoorhees, now a senator inisreprcsenting the people of Indiana, in the U. S senate, last Wednesday, proved hiinself fnlly eiu:il to the orcasion, the hour and the man. Never for a moment losing liis self-possession or deviuling from g gentleraanly bearing and deineanor, he made Voorbeea fairly dance wi:h ragt; and deport hiinself more like a mail buil in a Cbi&a shop than llke a sédate member of the United States Senate. Senator Ingalls is entitled to credit for being manly and brave enough to cali tblngl by tbeir riprht mimes. We have a list of the namea of Anierican memben of theEnglish Cobden rluli Amoni them are John G. Curtíale, -Henry Georfie, Murat IlaKteaJ, Frank Hurd, L. C. L'imar, V. It. Morrison, David A. Wells, V. P. Wells of Detroit, and numerons others including several " Professors" In American colleges. These men are hamled in this club wilh a lot of Eu glish CHpatilItU for the pui pose of dissemnatlng in the United 8tateH, doctrines of free irade tor tliw linetit, ofEnjili-h manufacturers and dealers, and againet the interests of American mauufaclurers and workers. Five U. ö. Consuls to forelgn countries are also included in the list, men whose business it is to look after American interest9 in foreign lands, rather than foreirn iuteretts in America. - Midland Uepublican. TIip unfairness of the argument on whlrh the Coukikk bases the Htatement that the repuhllcan vote ot South Carolina Is suppn-ssecl by the demócrata Is shown by Hh ou n itAtènieDts. lt muts abuut thu imall vote cast In South CaTOllnft for congresMineu mui Dien slmws tliat the republicana had no candidates tor the orïice in six ot the seven dlstrictH. The Coukikk neglects to nloriu lts readers that the repcbllcan leaders suppressed all Ihe republleaii rotes by faillng to nomínate candidates. It Is not to be wondered at that a party whicti has no candidate polls no votes.- Argus. We did not base our statement on argument, at all, but on fucts and figures. Will the Argus have the fairness and candor to teil it s readers why there is no republiean candidate in six out of seven of the conjiressional distrlcts of South Carolina? There are surely plenty of ri'publioai'S there. We don't flud such a state of nffairs existing in any nortlicrn state, do we? Both parties have their candidates in every congressional district in the north, no matter how one-sided the vote of the district may be. Why it is not so in the south ? The Argus man knows hut he ilare not answer the question honestly. Is it not time to "rant'1 when puch a state of affairs exist? Talk about " iinfairness," go to South Carolina and ñnd it.