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Peculiarities Of The Figure 9

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The most romantic of all the numbers N the figure 9, because it oan't bc multiplied any way, orgotrid of anyliow. W'hatever vou lo it is sure to turn np ugain as was the body of Eugene Arman's vlctim. One remarkable property ot' the figure (said to have been discovered by W. Green who died in 1840) is, that nl'l through the nmltiplication table the pr.vduct of 8 cuines to 9. Multirly by what you like and it gives tlie game result Begin witli tiviep 9, 18; add the dijfits together, and 1 and 8 make 9. Three time 0 are 27; and 2 and 7 make9. So It goes np 11 times 9 whichglves99. Very good mlil the dlgltS, 9 and 9 are IS und 1 anc 8 inakea 9. Go on to any extent, it is imposible to get rid of the figure 9. Take ¦ couplc of instances at ramlom. Three hunüred and tliirty-nine times !' are 3,051 add up the lijrures and they are 9. Five lhousand and seventy-one times 9 are 45,639; the sum of these dijjits Is 27, am ' and 7 are 9. The tirst two digits niske 9; the 8eronl two mnke 9; and the las figure ;- D.


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