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'risss TiUisg uil Goris ¦iiiiiy 4nickl) al 7. SCHAIRER'S Bargaiu from the Bankmpt Miii'k IKil,MroiiA E. Detroit. We invite peelal attentlon lo thlit ale. READ THESE PRXCSS .1,000 yard ool Prints at 3 l-2c per yard. :i,OOO yards ln . Print at Sc per yard. ,000 yard DrcM Sateen al c per yard. 25 pleces ood [Miiriiim at He per yard. 3O picccs ood Bed Tlcklngs at io-, 12 t-iv and 15c. 100 pieeei I liiiin Drets .immI at 12 l-2e per yard. 60 pfecei Sew Spring Dress .oiis at 10c. 35 pleces il M) li-h Kew Drei Good at 25c per yard. 20 plcce 52 inch leadles t'lolhs at 5Oc per yard. 10 picces all Wool Black li . . oodN at :io, 10 and 5Oc per yard. 5 pieccs Wide Black Eahmcre at 5Oc per yard. 1O pieccs 48 inch Black Henriet 1 h at 75c, 1 and 1. 25. Big Drive in 52 inch Slik and Wool Drets Goodft at 00c per yard, were 1 (Scewindow). lOOplecesChoice New Dress Lawn at 5c per yard. 25 dozen Ladies Black and ( iilniiii (loves at 15c and 25c per pair. 300 pairs Ladics Berlin .lo . - atlOcapalr. 2O doz. pure Slik Gloves at 35c a pair. Big Bargain in Ladies Silk IHIttM at 18c a pair. 25 doz. 75c C'orsets now cut to 50c. Big Rargaln In our #1 Kid Ciloves for 79c a pair. 200 .ot Bustlcs at 15c each. 1O pleces ui-lam Scrim at 6c per yard. 5 pieces Lace Strlpc iiriiiin Scrim at Sc per yard. thow the Best Valuc In Curtuin Laces at 15, 20 and 25c per yard. 1OO pairs Lace iirtalns at 91, il. 25 and $1.50 a pair. io doz. large White 4prons at 25c eaoli. 5O doz. Fancy Border Handkerchicfsat 3 Tor 10c. 15 dozen Ladles Jersey Vest at 25c each. 200 large Slik Parasols at 1 and $1.25. Ladies Ifluslin Drawcrs at 25, 39 and 50c a pair. Ifluslin licinlscN at 25, 39 and 50c each. Ladies lght Dresscs at 25, 39, 50 and 75c. Childrens White and olored Dresses at 3OO Boy Shirt Walsts at 25 and 50c. Big Bargain lu Black Silks at 50, 75c and $1. Three big drives in Jerseys at 75c, $2 and $1.25. We thow the best Bargains iu Iloslery at lOc, 15c and 25c. V011 can save floni) Trading at D. F. SCHAIRER'S. We are always the chcapest. This is the Top of the Genuine PearlTop Lamp Chimney. Allothers, similar are imitation. ynjJJSThis exact Label jJ5 MA is on each 1 'earl rjB WÁ Top Chimney. jBBffJ 9j dealer may say VStSwiP Pv an ''"k 'le has j SfCr others as good, 'P BUT HE HAS NOT. Insist upon the Exact Label and Top. For Sale Everywhere. Made only by SEO. 1. IMCBETH &C0., Ptttshurgh. Pi. Tos Ann Arüor Preseire And Pickling Factory BEG TO DRAW THE Attenüon of the Ladies in Ann ArboT and vicinity to the advantages to be gained this coming season by bringing up or sending an order for their emply cans to the above Co., who are prepared to fdl tJiem with Canned and Preserved f mits at a uniform rale, thussaving them all the heat, trouble, discomfort and expense of putting it up themselves in their own homes. All orders should be sent in as early as possible. Perfect satis faction guaranteed. Canned small fruits - 10c per Ib. Preserved small fruits ..12c per Ib. Canned peaches $ pears . 12c per Ib. Preserved He per Ib. Jellies 19c per jelly glass. Mixed pickles 12c per bottle. Plainpickles 10c " INSURANCE KdAL E8TATE and LOAN AQENCY 0 A.W. HAMILTON Oflloe, No. 2, Fint Floor, Hamllton Bluck. l'artie deslrlng to buy or sell Real Estáte wlll flnd lt to their advantage to cali on me. I represent IS flrut-chiss Ftre Insurance Companlea, havlng an aggregate capital over 30,UOO.000. Kates I.ow. I.dshgh Uberally atlJuateU and promptly pald. I also Issue Life and Uivestmcnt Pollcle In tSe New York Mutual Life Insurance Compaoy, AssetU, $75,000.00. Persons devlrlng Aocldenl Insurance, can have yenrly polldes wrltten for them orTraveler's Coupon Insurance Tickets lssued at Low rates. Money to Loan at Current Rates. Office hours froui 8 a, iu. to 1% m. and 2 to 5 p. m. ALEX. W. HAMILTON, Hamilton Block.


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