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REASONS 1 WOOD FRAME. M UPPfiS 1111 I Vl W00D IS 15 TIMES LICHTER ¦ Bff hfi W # In lroportion to Stze tlian STEEL! A Vood PrftaVe Harrettei will not lcnd out of lino when it cnmes W H 1 in toon tact with tui Irresistible forcé. Orlf Itahould yleW i t will at oiit-c vpi-inu bark to it original shnjie. Steel under like circunutancca will bcnd, cml uiien tbe ¦teel trame ut a lüii'it-r is once spi miK it remaiii bent uatllstralfffateoed ai Ihcshop. or In replaeed by o. uev one. li order togtve Hm requUtte streng th to steel Frame Machine, tbe elghl of the machine must neoear11v Be inctrtwed over the wood parta. Kthis la quefltiooed, ïei Ibe hrarat takt the parta of Bteol Hiibstftutd ïor trood In theso cul'ed Bteel Binden oiid treista t hem . He wiU tin.) tlmt steel is the n. ,i Ier. Or if it i not, it will be found to hu-k the r quirea strength. Theu, to re1 the strengt li. put the vrood aiid Bteel In n damp under eqnal prewure, ainl ibere will be no ¦ litiieiiity iu the farmer decidlng to his owd Bat!sfctiou without the. aid if u ii imooth'tongued 'i'iiiC nrCKËYK iiixnscR. haa ft wood frame, aml is manufactured by AKRON, OBXO.


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