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"the Red, The White, The Blue."

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Wrltteo for the i'oukikr. , Oomradet, on each louely grave we place une flower to-day. More swett tliau auy that sball bloom upoa the breaih of Ma, , More flush In blue and crimson witti starry nplendor crowned, UecauHd Ihe thunder.s raged above, and dark ness hemined arouud, fh llDvverH llialour fathers saw uuehundred yeara beforeA tlny teudrll gprluglng by the lonely cabla door - I'whm Hown In fears, 'twag wet wlth lears, uil lo, It barst to vluw, The yiiib I ufanitlon't the Red, the Wtiile, the Blue. Ali, not In anger, nor in mrlfe, we come wlth laden ed hand - Theoi'linnou retlnucs of warareoffto otlier lauds - Webrlng the blossoins we have uursed, to slu tl their honeyed in ain, Wheree'er the reeliug rauks of war unburred tbe gate ofdeath; We lift Ihe dear dead faces of oor héroes to Ihe llghl. We ralse lh pallid bands of thelrs, we clasp and liold ilji'in tlght; We say: O, brothers, rlse and see the peace y ou helpi'd to woo, Whose Bnowy plnlons hover o'er tb Red, the White, the Blue Not yours, O, allent comrades, the ecstacy ofstrlfe, The liauKhty ezaltatlon that rounds the heroe's Ufe; Not yours the flaih of gabera, tbe shouts of the ndvancB. The leuin of IhrUHtlug imi.TieU that shlvor un ttiey B.. Notyour npnn the parnpet yom honor to uofurl, To die wllh vlctory on your Ups as back yoi;r ieet they uur] ; l'he wlilsper ol u klDdliiiK hope, wulle gayly over you l'he Hilken folds are dancliir. White, the lllue. Niiy to your liomeiiU'k vUlon the inask of denlh was up, HIh ley l.r.NLt li waB foiined, hls draught was In the cup; A terror walks at noonday; the dreams that throngs the nlght, But take the wlngs of mornlng and vanlsh ere the llght. But O, our fullow héroes, one gleaiu of Heaven shlnes pon tbe gbiistly phalunx along tho ragged linea, And eyes grown dim wlth watchlnx are 11 1 wlth courage uew, They've heard tramp of comradcs, wlth tbe Red, llie White, the Blue. O, comradesof theprlson, ye have not illtd In valn, Kur lo, the march of harvesls wbere war has trod Ihe plalnr; And lo, the breaih of Wlles and rotes bejond compare. And the sound of chlldren chantlng where the cannon reut tbe air ! We clusp our hands above you, wlth tearful bearts to-day, Your brother who have won the Blue, your brothers of the gray; Our hearts are one lorever, whatever men may do, And over all the glory of the Red, the White, tbe Blue. Ah, not In trlfe, or anger, er In ldle grief we oom?, Wlth thrlll and throb of bugles, wlth clamor oí the drum; We've heard the wlngs o! lieallng above the war's HUrcease, And lo. the Urent CommKiider, has set tbe wntchword: Peace." Peace. tn the free boni mlllieus wbo live to do umi dare, Peace. In eath endeavor, In whatever lot they Hhnre ! Above tbe trlune colora, so dear to me and you, The splenilld flowers that freedom guarde, the Red. the Wlilte. the Blue. Oh, arant I our brave commauder, we turu oor tlioughts to thee, Wbo led us tliro' the battle and mude the fellered free; Our hearts are full of sorrow, our eyes are dim wllh tears. As wemourn ihed.arold soldier we loved tbro'tboae dark year. Ixvlngly for tweuty years, we'ye come wlth iMcli'iii-d hmids, But fnr the tblrd Memorial Day before hls grave we stand, Wlth flowers of love a crown we twlne ror hlm so brave and true, nd sadly place upon hls grave the Red, the White, tbe Blue.


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