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- TH F. - II MSÍIIIFi;i{ III LU will fiirnish TPPT ! ; Dellvered to Any Part of the City ! KOK SEAHON OF 1888. 25 lbs. daily (except Sundays) $2.00 per iio, ' " (4) per Week, $1.75 " " " " (3) " " $1.50 " " " " (2) " " $1.00 " '¦' Hotels, RestnuruntK. mt Butcher wlll t.e supplied by the tou or hundred. OFFICE: 28 S. MAIN ST., E. V. H AKOKTBKKER, Manager. Are you Interested? THE Halan Beal Estáte Urna Wlllsellat public hom On Illl llsnw II K I lili, Ishs, at 10 o'clock, p. in . on the Premiss. That well-known farm known at the MILLARD FARM OF Four Hundred and Twenty-Seyen Acres Sltuated oae mile southwest of .Manches ter, Washtenaw Uo., Midi. This farm is under a perfect state of cultlvation and has a hop-yard of twenty-tive acres, whlch brlngs a haudsome Income In ltself. The fullowing stock and all anieles pertamlng to the running of fhe farm wlll also go to the purchaser : 4OO Hlieep, Kwex and Lanbi, llorM.-, 1 Stule and 'ili Mead HtoekHteer. The buyerwlll also he entltlod to all the growlog crops, conslstlng of 03 Arres Urowlng WhMt, 44 Arres ol' o ni aad 80 Arres ol' Oai. Turms- $00 down on date of eale and wlthln I "- ilays from aatd sale one-tbird down of the I purchase prlce; the balance can rnn from 2 I to 5 years. XOTK- Partles of 10 or over wlthln a radlus of 20 miles wlll rrcelve free ' tion to and from the sale. A sultable lunch and other rpfreshinents wlll be served free of charge. Address all Communications to The Hannan Beal Estáte Exckanie 153 (riswold SI., Detroit, Mich. BYRON GREEN, Auctloneer. HÜTZEL'S WATER BACK I A very important invention which will be hailed with delight by everybody using a stove or range for hot water circulation. After years of exerience we have succeeded in producing a simple and perfect WATER BACK. It overcomes all the present troubles of extracting lime and other sediments which accumulate in water jacks, often niaking them useless and in great many instances becomng dangerous. The outlay of dollars is reduced to dimes. No household using a range can aflbrd to be without it. No more trotible by using city water for hot water circulation. Can be used in any stove. Ask your stove dealer for Hutzel's Water Back. Mason & Davis Co's. ranges for bale at C. Eberbach are provided with our improvement. Everybody cali and examine this . seful invention. ' HTJTZEL &c GO., Plumbers and Steamjiltera. ANN ARBOR, - - MICH


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