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A CalfornaJboomisJthe Jnearest approach to a cyclone thcy have ii) tliis blessed, stormless land, and when h funnel shiipiMl boom, with the small end pointing towarJ the prospector, sweeps down upon a county - shrlne of the luirricanl how the dirt (lies ! Talk about a Dakota cyclone blowing a farm across tueriTer! A California boom wlll üft a w hole county eky higa n tbirty üays. ' lint when they drop?" " Wcll they hain't noue on 'era dropped yet." - Burdette. A. Woman's DIscoverj. 'Another wonderful discovery lias been made and tliat too by a lady in ihis county. Disease fastened ts clutcbes upon her and for seven yeara ghe withstood ita severeat tests, but her vital organs were undermined and dealh seemed Imminent. For three raonths shecoujilied incessantly and could not sleep. She bousrht of us a hottle of l)r. King'a New Disrnvery for Consuniptfon nd ws co niiicl] relleved upon takíng the tirst dose tliiit she slept all nlsbt and with one bottle has been mlraculously cnred. Her nanip is Miss Luther Lutz." Tlius write W. C. Hamrick & Co., of Bhelby, N. C- (Jeta fre! trWl bottle at Kberbach & Sou's. A litüe girl tfaui) originally nnd palnstakingly f(cllcd n her composition the first montli f the year : Jan-you-wer-rle. "Is there any man In this town named Atternoon?" iuqulred a Missiüslppl postmaíter, us he held up a letter direrted to P. M.


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