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GRAND OPERA HOUSE MOND A. Y, JUNE 25, '88. ranil Lyrlc and Spectaculur I'roducllon of NEWTON BEERS' LOSTINLONDON All new sceiiery uy Lafayette W. Sewey. 'he Heart 'o Bleakmoor. Kete of Coinus. OB'S VISrON. Home of ttie Swurt Kiog. llumiiiated Show Scnstit Inri . A wonderand of DUuolYlug Beauty. A GREAT COMPANY! And a great play. All the new Soenery wlll posltlvely lieshown Inyourclty. Aiiuhik nany features THK NHHi'H BRITAIM l'AN PIPK 9INUEUS. üreat Performance Coralete Ín every detall la NEWTON BEERS' LOST IN LONDON KICKS, 75, 50 aml 35 cents. No extra charge for reserved aeats now on Hale at Wahr'a Booltstore. A Concentratcd Liquid Extract of MALT and HOPS. MANUFACTURED BY SPECIALTY 0E'T PHIL. BEST BUEWING CO. Aids Digestión. Cures Dyspepsia. Strengthenu the System. Restores Sound, lOfrcshlng Sleep. Fríceles to Xiiisíih Motiers. Recommendcd ly Kmincnt Tliysicians. - o - FOR SALE BY ALL DRUCCISTS. Estáte of Jennie H", Vandcyenter. OTATÍ OíMICUlQAN, County ot WagBtcnaw' At'eloo ofthe Probate Oonrt for the Coonty of Wahtenaw, holden t the Prolwtc Ofllci-. lu thu cltT of Ann Arbor, ou Mondaj, the lHüi day of June, Ín tbe yemr one thouxand eleht hundred aDd elKhty-Bifc'nt. l'resent Wllllaui IJ. Uarrlman, Judgeof Probate. lu the matter of the eutate of Jenníe N. vanileventer, deceaned. On readloK and fllinK the ictitlon, duly verin 'd, of Anule Crev, prayi({ tuat aduiiuiaratiou ol stld etate msy be granted to Georse II. Pond or ome othersuitable pertton ; Thereupon lt la ordered, tht Mnuday, tbc lth day of July unit, at len o'clock in the forenoon be jmlifned for the hearing of nald petltlou and tht the helrs at law ol said deceased. and all other pernon interested In nald ctate, are required to apuear at a gepition ol eald court, then to be nolilen at the Probate Ofllce, In the City of Ann Arbor. and show caueu ' If ny there be, why the pruyer of the petltioner ihoold not be pranted. And il in further urdered, tht ld petltionur kívu notlce to the persons Intereeted In sald estáte, of tbe pendency ol uaid petitlou, and the Ueami); thereol, b caunini.' copy of thle order to be publlahed In the Ann Arbor VourUr, a newspaper prlnted and circuí led In sald connty, tliree succeive wenkH prevluui lo aahl day of Uearlnif. (.A true copy.) WILLIAM D. UAKR1ÍIAN, Judpeof Probti. WM 0. 1JOTÏ. Probate Keilater. IM8-U11


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