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Real Estate Transfers

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Pater NelM lo Mary Nelss, Freedom.. 2, 00 00 V. Ja, I.ert;ly, by O, O. C, to Jas. Lowrey, BrlgDtou B.47S W Wm. H. Wells, traitee, to Eilward A. Ooit, Aun Arbor ]7ö 00 Eilward A. Ciott, to Kliza A. Ludlow, Aun Arbor 17". 1)0 David Duulap, to Harrlel C'hnsi'. Salera ... 1,900 Oo Mary June Cowen, to Thos. Cowen, Superior 32100 Jacob Van Husen, to I'i aaiden t and Trustees ofdielsr vllllaxe, Cnelsea 45 00 J.H. Warnor. to J. P. Judson, Anu Arbor 8150 Franklm MorKan, et Sam'l Morgun, l'ltt-flelil 1,100 00 Anscl t '. UornD] to Aurora Morman, 1'llUllehl . 1,160 00 Nlcliolas Oerdary, to Ellza II. Cordary, Ypsllanti 100 Win, A. Ilatclt, to Adellne Hatsli. Aun Arbor 100 Ruth Aun Qsge, toClarenco M. Gage, Hjlvan 500 00 Martini E, Kvart , to Tuos. lürkstt, Sclo 8,000 00 Johnnna Clancey, to Cathaiine lirown, Ann Arbor 100 John Wasser, to June Chase, Ann Arbor 100 M artha Oooper, to Jay Peatl, Dexter 40)00 Mili) M. Oonklln, t Jacob F. Krrn. Manotaaater 75 oo