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Cut This Out--you Will Want It

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Altogretlier there are 401 electoral vote?. Of theee 201 re ncceBsary to secure the presidency. There are clghteen states casting; 182 votes, that are r. asonably safe lor the republicana. There are sixteeu states enting 153 votes that are reasonahly safe tor the democnits. There are four üouhtful states - New York with thirty-tix votes, Indiana witli flfteea, New Jersey with nine and Connecticut with six. The demócrata cannot elect tlieir president without carrying New York; the republicana can. If the deuiocrats carry I ndiana New Jersey and Connecticut, and New York, they will ftill lack eighteen of the necessary 201 votes. If the republicans carry New York and lose the three other doubtful btates, they will elect their president, with seventeen voti-s to spare. The republicans ciin trln by earrylng indiana and New Jersey in HÜdition to the ei;litfen sure tepublican states; tliey can win by carrying Indiana and Connecticut in addition to Ihcni. The demócrata raust carry New York and IniManii, or New York and Connecticut anil New Jersey, hi order to elect tlieir candidate.- Uochester PostExpress. M.C. Sheehan lost a shirt slud last Satuidav that he values highly as a wedding gift, and would rewanl any one flnding the eame wlio wlll returu It to him. A diminutivo rond rart, mude by 'erpuaon for A. L, Noble'i chlldren, t natcli their pony, appeared on the streel bU a. m. to the enry of sniall boys imü girls. The commlttee on fruit exehange, appointed by tlie fruit owner's meeting, iclil IbbI Baturday, to draw an agreement y whlch growers and shippers of fruit inite Ín chenper ablpnient juid a better listribution and sale of fruit, will present tlieir the montlily meetng o f the Washtemiw pomológica! society, on the 7tli of July, in the basement of tlie court house at 3 o'clock p. m. The agreement wlll be circujated during tliia and next week, and one copy will be bund at Mr. L. Oruner's stioe ?tore. All wbO wl'sh to iblp frnit willi I he society ihould sin at OIIOT and iittund the meetM "M the 7th of July, wlien this topic will be fully discussed. There was :i nicetinff of the coinmon oouncll Iftet Wednesday eveiiiug, to take into consideraron the necesfity of opening- up Beóond st., between William and Jefferson t?., for the acconiodution of the T., A. A. A X. M. II. R. Co., wlilch proposes to erect a new station house between those two streets. Tlie matter was discussed both for and agalngt, and then referred to a commltlce to more tlioroughly investígate, espccially as to the expense of buyinjr the land, Trading etc. The U. R. Co. have ohanged their plans in reference to their new building, and will now construct one costing only about $3,500. The cost to the city of opening and radios this street is estlmated at about $."- 000 or f0,000 by competent judges, whicn some people think will be "paying pretty dear tor the whisile." If the company would put up a $15,000 or $25,000 station house, it might be some temptation.


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