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As the peopleofMIchlgan, the republlcnn portion of them at least, were largely In favor oí a favorite son for the presldentlal nomlnatlon, and as they did not secure the mau they wanted, the OouRiKRthought that IU readers mlght want to kuow what Is thoughtof the leaders that have been selecV ed, soa tour ofintervlewlng was inaugurated and the quesllon: "How do you llke the nomlnatlons?" üred at the republicana met wlth thls result: ' Mac I, e Beau- Glorious. J. Volland- Good enougb. John Heinzman- U's all rlght. Wm. Frank- I llke the men all rlght. D. C. Fall- It's all rlght and wlll win Oilbert Hllss-n Is the winning ticket. L. C. Goodrlch-The ticket Is all rlght. Kosey- Good. I hope they wlll be elected. rowV" Koblson-That ticket Is golng to Prof. E. Baur-I thlnk the ticket is a pretty gooti on 6. weTlI?at1ísfletdrenS-NOt my flrSt ".¦ bot!gro mêïT1 dODt They are not-è'plaUoTnr.11"16 the nonilna"' ut uLkCio?nTonee-U " a BOOd enoUh Judge Klnne-Oh, I thlnk it Is as good as could have beeu named. Dr. S. A. Jones-By gosh, lt wlll scoop the unlverse. It Is a good oue. Ex-Mayor Smlth- A good strong ticket We can elect that all rlght. "m". A. DeForest-I think the nomlnations could not have been bottered. lra Wm. J. Clark -They are good. Can't be beat nor won't be beat, elther. Tlíf'iA'íí"1?,1' i Oeneral C. StevensThlnks the ticket Is a good oue. i J; E. Harklns- I wanted to vote for Blalne but belleve the ticket Is a good one. Kr. J. N. Martin- I thlnk the nominatlous are good, flrsUclass every way. .). .1. Ooodyear- 1 thlnk it Is a good ticket and wlll bo elected all rlht nnn„h J.C. Knowllon- I am suited and bellevi the party have a clean path to victory. Eugene K. Frueau ff- First rate Wel pleased. Can and wlll support it heartlly. Prof I,evl D. Wlnes-I hurrah twlce anó three times, Tor lts the ticket thut will win. ('harlle Kdwards-The 3rd ward club are af solid as a rock. No split in thelr ranks now Joseph H. Vance-I think it is a strons üs aö "e thRt Wl" be successful ¦ U" I.'B. nent-Don't quite like the ticket, but believeit wlll prove a strong one, neverthe16SS. A. W. Ames- If we can't elect that ticket "uVu"1 l e'eCt aDy " II'8 the be8t that could be Robert Campbell- The ticket is a good one victo? '8 the platform' and "¦ wlu result in a C. B navison__It is the ticket thnt wlll fteadfly soldlers' antl Pu" to ¦' front Evart Scott- Itis as stronga ticket as could coun r havebee" nide. and will sweep the P. Bnch- Itis a strong ticket. Oen. Harrison has been my cholee froin the beglnulng. It will wla. Calvin nilss-U suiU me. Harrison Is all rlght, a competent man for the place and has a good record. A. A. Terry- Alger was my preferenee to any olher man. but I am a republican and Hhall vota the ticket. W. W. Whcilon- Am satlsfled that they ure Rood oríes. It lookssome llke the revival of the oíd Tippi'canoe times. CltyTreasurer Joba Moore-I thlnk they ¦ra excellent men, and tlint the local as.,i't rthttir nomuMtlon la good. II. Bandalt- I tblnh üialno and Alircr woDld have been stronser, but km rilling to bil luto line with the party. Dr. W. F. Breakey- Ot course I preferred Alger, but Harrison is a good man and wlll be Buuafactory to the soldiere. J. Christian Schmld-Can'lgive an opinión yet. Don't know the men well enough. But the oountry don't want free trade. I'rof. V. S. Perry-[ don't know enough about Mr. Harrison to expresa an oplnlmi but my lmpresxlon is not favorable. Jas. M. Stailord-I teil you U's all rlght. Next to Blalne Harrison waa my cholee. He is a good one, and we shall win this time. G. Frank Allemlndlnger- We were In liopesof havlng a Michigan man. butltwill Win. The principies wlll take It through. John M. Wlu-eler- I thlnk it Is all right and Khould be glad to see it carrled out by an' election. lioth candidates are strong men. O. Josenhans- I bellcve the ticket Is a good Ode. and wlll make It warm for Mr. Cleveland. The tarltr questlon is the Issue this time. W. W. Wincs- I llke the ticket flrst rate It bas wliiniiiK iimlitioa in lt componitlon. Couldnt have given the people a better one. W. U. Burchfleld- Harrison is a eood man or he would not have been nomlnated. This country is uot ready to adopt free trade yet not much. Paris Hanfleld- Don't know exactly. There Is no fault toilnd wlth the candidates, though not so well known as some other men would have been. Col. H. S. Dean- I thlnk we have got the eleanest ticket ever put up by any party (en. Harrison I know. He Is a clean, honest smart man. "¦ ¦ """'vii'.c riiituanx, .A-i uiiii Hij could have been made. I am pleased with It. Harrison Ik a man of hralns and caDacttv It will be elected. Chas. Orr- Tip Top. Verywell pleased indeed. If any man living can earry Indiana lien, lien. Harrison can do it. And tliat'soue of the state we need. Hon. A. J. Sawyer-The best ticket tliat lias been put. In the field slnce the uomlnatlon of Oen. Uarfleld. You can not say anythlng about it whlch Is too good. Ex-Ald. Biggs- I llke the ticket flrst-rate. If Blalne had been nominated but few Engllshmen would have voted for hun but tliey pretty generally favor Mr. Harrlaon. Qulncy A. Turner- That ticket is all rlglit. The tin pail brigade wlll run oppositlon to tlie red bandana every day in tlie week. Harrison will get the futí labor vote. C. E. Mutschel- It Is one of the kind of tickets that everybody having the best Interests of tlie people at heart will want to put In the ballot box next November. Wm. A. Clark- First rate. A good strong ticket. No sore spots. I believe all tilinga consldered, It Is the strongest ticket that could have been named. It will surely get there. Oeo. Feiner- I don't know hardly what to think about It. Harrison probably malera Indiana sure for the tlcket.and if Morton can doaswell for New York, we shail win. I hope so. Chus. Vr. Wagner- It's all correct. Morton is Just the man tocllmbover the demócrata In New York, where he is very etrong, and Harrison can carry Indiana of course. That means vlctory. Rev. W. W. Itamsay- Aa far as the men are concerned, I think they are good, honist men, but I do not llke the platform, which dodged the Important Issue before the people at this time. A. L, Noble- Am pleascd wlth It. Knowlng somethlng about Mr. Morton In New York- which Is my natlve state- I firmly believe that hls candldacy will carry tuut state for the repubilcaug. Wm. K. Childs- The ticket Is all rlght. Oen. Sherman's views are mine to a dot. The men whom Cleveland ha appolnted to office would have starved our soldiers had they been glven a chance to do so. J. Q. A. Sesslons- Harrison U onc of three men I named au winners wlien the conven tion opened. I think he wlll sult the dl Herent Interests of tbe country better than any otherman. It Isa good comblnatlon. Jerome Freeman- It Is the very best thlng the party could have done under tlie clrcuinstances. Harrison wlll carry every northern state. The people have not got ready to makc paupers out of the laborlng men yet. ItenJ. Hrown- I am well pleased wlth It. The flrst vote I ever cast was for Oen. Hairlson's grandfather, In 1K40, and I slmll most assuredly atand by thegrandson unw. though my preferenco would have been Gresbam. Tlios. J. Kecch- Perfectly satisfled. I was a republlcan before that ticket was nominated, and am one now. and I um ready to flght for Harrison and Morton from now on. Every repubiican must work though lfwe win. ('hauncey H. Milten -All rlght. Would rathcr have had Gen. Alger of course, but am satisfled wlth den. Harrison. Hls nomination makes Indiana certaln for the repuhcan ticket, and Morton lnsures New York, and we shall win the victory In November. Dr. W. W. Nichols- Tlie ticket Is all rlght. Of course Michigan ropabllOMM aredlsap pui ntcd, lut Harrison being so inucii better known than Alger will probably run better. II lonks like vh-tory In November. Tlie Mills tri-c trade 1)111 Is euough to swamp any jarty. Wm. Allaby- Couldn't sult me better. Very Klad that Morton was put on the ticket, and Harrison weall know is true blue. Itsecures the doubtful states of New York and Indiana to the republicana, I have no doubt of It, and I nn'ss no good republlcan has any doubt of it. Dr. Howell- It's a good ticket, and will be elected. Cleveland has made the issue fair and iquare, and lic can't dodge It now. It Is dciiKHTatlc free tradeagalnat republlcan protectlon that must be declded in tbu con iit . and Iliis country Is not ready for free trade yet. Chas. H. Kllne- Yon can Just put it down that Harrison and Morton flll the hl II. Tbey are hustlers, and Inive baclt of them the iiustlers of tlie republlcan party, wlm think more of the laborlng masses than thcy doof red bandanna handkerchlefs wlth Kngliüh trade raarka. A. W. Ham il ton- They please me very much Indeed. As strong a ticket as could be put In thefleld. It Is etnphatlcnlly abusIne-B inen's ticket, and tlie Issue Is direct, made so by both the platform and the men, and the people must deelde whether they waut free traJe or protectlou. Charles E. Hlscock- Whlle favorlng Alger, I regard the ticket au ''good politics." The iiiiiillclates are strong men, and halllng from doubtmi (tatw. ThseonlMi la mr opinión wlll bo upon tlio platform aml wo wlll have protectlun and prosperty against free trade and the uncertaln resulls ofthat policy. Chas. S. Mlllen- It's a winner sure. The men who put thai ticket in the Held were tlie brlichtestand noblest men in the republican party, and I presume thelr Judgment is better than thatof sorae of us who wanted flome oncelse awful bad. The republicana will elecl thenext president of the l'nited State. .I.T. Jacobs-It was a plucky flght the rriendsof Gen. Alger made for hlm, and lt was 11 labor of love. It was one of the createstconventloiis ever held in thls country, and though ltdeclded aKalnst our man.yet there Is no doubt but that the decisión will be satlsfactory tolhe republicana In general. The ticket wlll be elected, for we shall carry New York sure, and doubtless Indiana also.


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