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For commencement papers, poems, addresses, prophecies, etc, in i uil, see the Commencement Annual. H. D. Corbin, lit. "SG, of La Porte iud is in the city. W. A. McAndrews, of Chicago, '80, is attending Coinmeuceinent. Geo. C. Manly, of Denver, AI. A. '87, is spending the week with old college friends. Among the older graduates Dresent are John y. A. Fritchey, of St. Louis, Mo, and Joel Moody, of Kansas. F. D. Sherman of Charlotte, lit. '8G, now principal of Charlotte schools, ia visltlng hls Ueta Theta frieuds. John F. Shafroth, llt. '75, is attending Commencement, coming through from the Chicago convention, He is located at Denver, Col., in tito law. Ed. C. Pitkins, lit. '86, now of Kansas City, C. L. on the T. & Santa Fee H. R, is in the city for commencement week, and shakiug hands with old friends. There are f ewer of the Alumni present tliis yeir Ulan usual. This is accouuted for by thu fuct of the seini-centennhil celebration last year calliug so many here. i-roí.-, w. Aruury, lit. rí, who lias been teaching at Fenton for tlie pust two jears, goea to Iloughton next yeiir as superintendent of schools, at a salary of ? 1,500. The cool atmosphere last oven ing was a fine thing for the young people who enjoyed the danolng at the senior reoeption, whlcli was oue of the most pleasant ever held. Homer ürake, dent. '8.5, of Kansas, and E. L. Urake, '87, are here for commencement. Their brother K. E., takes his diploma as a dent. George Drake, of Plymouth, isherealso. Mr. and Mrs. De Vries, of Woodbrldge Cal., are in the city to witness the gradUiiting of their sons Marión and Lee De Vries, both of the law class. They are the guests of Mrs. H. Harwood, of ö. Di vision st. At the meeting of the regent lat evenlnjr the recommendation of the im-il cal facnlty to appoinc Dr. E. V. Jenks of Detroit, to iill Dr. Duotter'l plao was rejected, and Uw appolntment lef vacant for the preaent. Tlie followingf tribute to Trof. Thai F. Moran, lit. of '80, taken trom th. Elk RlvWr, Minn., Star-N?ws, will be raad with pleasure by many of Air. Moran's old fiiiüuls and clamnatea: "In closlngwa must not ovorlook thn lact thnt a great hare of the credit for Ihls lmppy termlnatfoo of the school year, is due totlie Indefatlgnule and tlrelessefforl of th principal of th xchools, who hns labored earnenlly to brln uhout the rt-Bnll .'( hlglieroomiiliini-iii rin bo paid to hlm asa man and a teacher tlmn tliat duiiug uil the year, not ono complalnt ha.s boen lieard concerulnK hlm nn,l liis metbodt. Wo are plcased to say thnt lie hns accepled the positlon for another year." The Cnminenrement will eont-iin PrealdentAngcll'a Banoalaarrate Aciilress; tlie olass president1 nddresp, and the oratlon for the medloal depnrtment, and nlso for the law departnienl; the oration class history, popin and preiident'a address for tlie liternry departnienl; the oration and address for the dental department; the address of Flnyd I!. WlUon, class of '71, on Alumni I) ; the oration and prophecy for the lionn'opathic department, and the coiiitnencement addreng of Tlio. C. Chainberlbi, J-L. D., President of Wlsconaia Unlversity. It is one of the largest and licst ever laaaed.


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