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A'sweet note - protected sugar. The democratie party la proving lUelf a arty of destruction instead of constructon. In the butting match between the ram and Grover, the ram appears to have the best of it. The Milla bilí appeara to close all the milis up north, but Roger Q. wlll probably keep on running. A large majority of the babies bom in ïïew York these daya are being named Ben. Harrlson. Nothing like being Jopular. __ The " Rum Hoinanisin and Rebellion " iiini-tcr Burchard is now openly in the democratie party where he secretly was n 1884. Tlie demócrata are welcome to him. Do Euglishmen put tueir moncy into Cobden Clubs for their own benelit, or for our benefit V Will the Argus please answer '; A boot black in Englaml gets a halfpenny for ¦ shine. Uure they get live or ten cents. Free trade would even rob the boot blacks. "The only way au lrishman can be of any service to England is for him to emignite to the United States and vote for free trade."- Loudon, (Eng.) Times. The Hou. Tliomas F. Bayard, Mr. Cleveland's secretary of state is a nwmber of the Cobden Club, of London, Bug., which is supported by English gold. For whose benellt, oursor theirs? Capital and labor goes hand in liund to be successful. What injnres one is the concern of both. The free trade policy of this administration is aimed more espeeisllv at labor, for labor is iirst effected. Don't you forget thut there is a powerful party composed largely of the middle and laboring classes, growlng up In England demanding a protective policy. And it will sweep thut nation iu less than ten yeara. From the London Spectator: " Grover Cleveland has done more to advance the cause of free trade than any Prime minister of England has done." Is Egland's interest our interest ! Stop and think, voter. L. Q. C. Lámar, Mr. Clevelaad's judge of tlie U. S. Supreme court, Is a member of the Cobden Club of London, En;., which is supported by Engllsh Lords and English gold ! To advance whose interests ? Ours ? Free trnde will raise the price of wool says the Evening Xews. Yes, it probably wlll, but not until low prices have wiped out the northerii tlocks, when foreign growers wlll combine aüd pnt it Up. Hut who will prolit by it? Xot Aiin-iicans. The Fliut (Mich.) woolen milis that have not been idle bofore for a period of ten years, have been obliged to shut down "because of the depression In business caueed by tlie Mills bilí legislation.'' Tlie thing begins tocóme right borne, genileuien. Geo. C. Tillman, Congressman f rom Soulh Carolina said thll, in a speech: " Was it r.ot our intemperate zeal for free trade that lead to nuljitication ? And was it not as mueh to enjoy free trade as to protect slavery that South Carolina seceded in 1S60?" Tlie latest accession to tlie Cleveland ranks, necording toa New York disputen, is Mr. Jay Gould, who is counted on for a handsome check co help corrupt the people in Cleveland's interest. Tlie democratie party you see is the poor mau'l party, don't you ? Wiil Speaker Carlisle pleae teil the people hou' he can conslstently uphold and champlon the international copyright law, while at the saine time chainpioning free traüe '! Thai bill is IbimdrO on the principie of protection, and there sliould be no favored classes. It is amusing to note the expression of couotenance of people who reail tlie sel fcongratulatory message of President Cleveland in respect to civil service reform. It is enough to cause a caastic smile to chase itself over the classic features of a G. Wi'.liam Curtís, even. Now thatthe poorold totterlD(?Conm:uhis told the editor of the Argus Ihat hu li.-s, we may presume that the campaliiu is opened.- Hi'iilstsr. By changing the o in "tottering" to an i you will get a complete detinitlon oi the Register man. Speaker Jas. G. Carlisle, of KcntiuUy; Senator Jas. H. Heek, of Kentucky; Senator Zebulon Vanee, of North Carolina, are all nmnoers of the Cobden Club, of London, Eng, which is supported by foreign nobility and foreign gold. Why'. Because of their love for American workinginen '! Not much. Gov. McEnery of Lmisiana in a recent speech, delivered by him, said : " Rather than see the state government pass into the lianils of the republican party, 1 would see the blood of revolution tlow like water from the Arkansas line to the Gulfof Mexico." The republican party is the party, you will observe. The Adrián Press man, who is noted for his free wooly disposition and sugar tariff temper all over the state, calis us u 'partisan liar," etc. If he gets so exasperated now, what iu tlie world will he do in October when things begin to get politically hot? His pnrty managers better miizzle him. Ihi'll have the rabbies sure. ' Under the up building and prosperous policy of protection the number ol sheep in this country increased from 20,000,000, in 1800, to about 50,000,000 in 1883. Iu that year the democrats lorced a reductionof the tarilf, and snce then the rlocks have decreased 6,000,000 in numbers, anc the price of wool has gone dowu to 20 cents per lb. In their attempts to liedje the democrats say they are not free traders. Not, indeed ! Then why is Henry George, the most radical of radicáis on this subject, going so far as to believe in free land, making slump speeches for Cleveland, and asüertinghis "entire satisfaetion with the free trade polley of the administration ? " Too late, boys, your company gives you away. There was no tariff ou plate glass uutil 1860. A tariff was then placed on that article of 50 cents per square foot, at that time foreign plate glass sold at $2 50 per square foot. Manufactories of plate glass then sprung up and now plate glass sells for 75 cents per equare foot. Had it not been for that tariff we would still be paying $2.50 or more. And yet free trade is the democratie watchword. The amountof clothing wooh importeil into this country for the tliree years succeeding the democratie tariff rediii'tion in 1883, was l.r,000,000 lbs. in excess of the three year's previous, and the excess of carpet wools imported in the same time was 6.'{,000,000 lbs., while the number of sheep In this country have dclined since 1883 upwards of 0.000,0000 in numbers ! Oh ! yes, free trade is a great business boomer - -for foreignerg. Itoger Q. Mills, the southerner who proposfs to regúlate northerii industries and northerii business, has got scared and has gone home "to look at ter his fences," aa he terms t. The wool growers of his district are protection ists, and they are making it hot for him. He has uttercd a whine alieady to the ell'ect that he is af raid that his enemies propone to defeat him a.s Mr. Morrison was defeatcd 11 niluola, and Frank Hurd iu Ohio. Congressman Chipman of the fint district, had charge of a pension bill for the father of (en. Custer, and was at last successful thougli " meeting with much opposition from aoutherners who did not like Gtn. Custer's war record," was what the telegraph said. As both Chipman and Gen. Cuater's fattier are demócrata it must have been a little humlliatiug to tlieui.


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