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NtNUVIC 11 UI TOII1 . lv Akhob i'dkhasoikï, No. 13 mects flrst f iioülay of iicli month. O. E. Hlscock, E. C: Johii K. Mluer, Keeorder. tTHHTKNAW OHAHTKR, No. fi, B. A. M.- feats II rat Momlny oach month. J. L. sione II P-; Honth, Secretary. BUSINESS CARDS. XV. W. ICHOLS, DE1TTIST. iiKuns Over Ann Arbor Suviiiirs Bank, 0l'. Court Himim" Square. 7XTALIZED A.IB. Uministi'red. It in RLrteabie and easy to take, don prodtraltng ert-vt follow, wMle teeth are extractad without pain, CHAS. L. ALLEN, Sontpactor and Buildep. Plans mul SpeolflctUlons oarefttUy drawn. Kt'sulenee, 16 E. Catherine St., Ann Arbor, Mich. DR. C. HOWELL, PHYSICIAN OrricE, Koojc 4, Masontc Block. )IBce hours : 8 to 14; 2 to C p. m. DR. H. R. ARNDT, PHYSICIAN Orrici Ovkk First Xational Bank. Iiiitkh at OrKiCK: 10:80t lï a. m ; 2:3 to .W p. 111. Can ie reached at r6sldeno6 Wet iiuron tret, thu "Prof. Nlohol pla") by lelnphone, No. 97, and wlll roply M irnlls In the veiling. WILLIVH 111:1c;. House, Signi Ornamental and PRESCO PAINTER! toperioi;, (Har.ini;, Qlldlo, bik! i'nuimiiiiu?, and worb r Bvery deacrtptlou doiu iu the ui ityle. and wurrnnted 10 glt Mtisfactiou. hop, No. 4 W. Washinffton St., Ann Arbor. ;loti caskets, metalic lu1 Uomiuon Coltlua. Calis atlented to Hay r Niglit. Kmbuhntnif a specialty. Htoie00111 011 !¦'.. Waslilugtoa Street. Retsidence or. Lllierty nd Klftti. V. II. ,9 IttOV DIIESIITllrilIIISHTIL OFFICE : (rer Hacli & Abcl's Iry Oood Store. Kntrunoc next to National Bank. BH! THE GREAT Germán RemedyJ I"tbuths forthesick-I Bllious Spellsdepand íor a case wliere mi. III ODSLLI-HUUBlTTEKK I'HUR UlTTKK illl Itwillrurcyou. nut asslst or cure. IiJ It, .,.., ¦,). nev.-r full.s. pi thattlrrdandallgonc cieanaetbe vitlatedin feellne; if bo, use )luod wi,en yol, sci-lll Sui-rHiiR BiTTEBS; iu imimritles tmrst 1 1 ¦III -ure you. nr thrmifch the; Kklulll 77rrrTirTTrr ini-iuipie, iiut-iieB,l Iihopi;cUrk.,whod) i""1 bealth wl" iol! oot procure siiindent [.„.„„III exerclse.andallwho sri.ini k HitikrsI " ii Í '.u .!., „„1 visi, V"'!'" nmEKI!lIl toêiiirorfrooiKheum. wlll l.ull.lymi upandl I atlsra, use a l.ottle of !"llli0, you W0000! II SlU'HLR II1TTKR8 ; heiutliy 111 ltncycr failB Ui cure. MiLFiiruiiiTTiCR wlll makcyourbloodpj "botle. Try lt : you piire.rlrhandstrong.U wlll imt rojrrct It. nil yourllesh hnrd. j La!ÏÏefllud?ï5catë Try m i.nn u lili I Malth, vho are all TT.m t.. - iilht. aiullll rundown, ImuM um' you wlll leep welllll . . m Du you want the. iMst Meillcal Wnrk puljllshed? oeod 3 2-cent btamps U A. 1. oiiiWAY fc Co Boaton, Mass., and tecelve a copy, free. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT ! No. 4 South Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldeat agen cy In the city. Establlsbed ojer a quarter of acentury ago. Representlng n luUowlug llrsl-c-lass companluB, wlth 60,000,000 Capital and AitseU. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA. INS. CO., of New York. QIRAKD INS. CO., of Phtladelpnla. "RIKNT IN3. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. Washington fire and marine, of Boston. Rtes Iaiw t8 tlie Lowest, Losses LlberHy AdJwtfcMl and promptlf Fald. . C. H. MILLEN. Jerome Freeman ! Moves from liig present stand over Watts' to the POSTO FFÍCE, BKRBER SHOP BATH It'ms, Monilay, Marcli 19. wi mm ú e nm !


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