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Wrltten for the OoUBIIb] If I were a tree, I would surely I A knotty and Kaarled old apple tree; My MiiNXMin would perfume the air aroand And do tetter fruit lu the orohard be fnund.' M niTn Ki-cl lliijh should a chair hc made. And a Phebe-btrd's nest rtghl overhead ; Ki'iH'Hih. sliouid tbe KraiH be worn away. And au old school beuch, where the chlldren play; I woiilil swivg them so Blow In my strong old Hl 111, l'hey would cllrab wlth all speed and never leur hArlu ; I would be tbe 'bye" for hlde and ooop, And the end of the race i'roin the old back ¦tuop. oh If 1 had to, I couldn't help be A dear- old- sweel- uuimer apple tree. [f [ were a hen, the color for rae Would be a darle brown, and no other you'd Hee. My name would be found In ihut old lashloned book, The deir 'Ellen Carroll" and like her l'd look ; I would have every aumraer the downlest chicks, Mot om-, hut a dozen, to sharpen thelr picks, They would be "jo like mot her," as brown w the wreus, - Kxcepting the brothers- would be model hen; lu Ihott red and black softly shsded would gleam, But to show the white fealher they nevar would dream. should sotne day be found lylog dead by the gate. And for her who had named me would quletly WHlt, Kuowlng well she would glve me a grave 'nealh the tree, And no longer her petted brown ben I would be. 1 1' I were a fence, I would be all rails, A real old zig.air, minus tbe palea; N'o nul] or hammeror spike around me, Uut a well swung uxe and an old oak tree. I would frame In the brook and the meadow land, l'lie sw I in in I hole mul the old frog poud ; l'he catlle would graze lu cool dlsdaln W hen the hoya and glrls trooped down the lane; Tberahool house, there, on the top of the hl II, Would be llttered wlth sorrel and nuts tbey'd ¦plllj flicy would feed my old horse wlth applea aml braad, And liiln down liill. on a board or nled ; I would hear Ihelr uheurs on speaklng day. And my Hllvem would laugh as loud aa they . In after yaarx they would londly dream (jr IIih rlde In Lheold mw-miil. up streum ; Unw lHi-y phiyad "Old 'flux' and tUu Kimke tli. y kiliml, ()( the queer old spring, and the houts they nifid; ? f "poinp-poin p-pul 1-awHy," "une old oat '' Munt tiiellfuer"ai)d 'what i-olor Im thl? " Uow they fuughl for Seott, bul rlwn Fiere Iliimthed for the Dnlon and si li ie was üone; il the outl:nnniaiN mul t)pelllngcUool!l And ilic nulmrn halred scimol-uíastor wlelilin; the rule; Of the ruiiiiwiiy boy and the glrl thut rrled , Tlic gentle Alnrtte and Ghurlle wh Oled. Hm atght of mi old rail fenoe shoald be A volee from tbe dayu wlien they Uved near me.


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