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All the boys will enjoy the frontispiece Of tlie August Wide A wake. " Tlie Crisis," a wlkl CaDadian river-scene, also the aecompanylng story of peril and pluek "9a ved on the brink ;" and both boys and girls will have grut fan over Janus Otis' complete perial, 'A Xeck-tie J'arly,' for t is a jolly story. One of the most beautiful things in the nuniber by Muy Kendall; it is a "parable" entitled "The Temple of Music," and teaches one of the most precious of life's lessons - that "he who loses his Ufe shall ijnd it;" all who have ever given up an ide:i for the sake of duty will be happier for reading this exquisite story. There are nmny other attractlons - an artiele on Il.uis Auderaen, in account of the baby Buddahs In Tliibet, instrurtimis how to make a "handy inlcroscope, '" logelher with Tan(tlea. Letters frnin Cbtlflren, poetn, prize qoettlOQJ and pictiire?. 20 cents i nuinher. I). Lothrop Company, Hoston. For the lirst time in its history The Ceutuiy will devote a single issue- the forthciiminj,' Scpteiulicr Humber - largely to educa tionalthemes. Theeontributions will include " The Univcrsily mul the Bible," by T. '1'. Mungcr, a jilea for the itudv of Chriitian as well as heathen clnssics; ". Wuincn who go to Collrgt",'1 . by Arthur Gilman, and "The Industrian Idea in Kducation," by Charles M. Carter. One illii-lntti'd pap(;i 041 '" Collejie Fraternitles," with piciures of twenty-elght chaptcr-hoiKcs and society halls at Yale, Harvard, Prlnceton, and otlicr ooUflflWi and atiothcr h on " Uppingliain: an Ai - cient School Worked on -Modern Ideas, ' with a number of illustnitions by JihiIi Pcnnell, and a portrait of the late headmaster, Edward Thrlng, who issald tobe, since Arnold of Hugby, the most blgbl; esteemed edncalor of Kngland. There will also be several important shoit editorial anieles and "open letters" on different branches of the saine subject. Other dlstinctive features of the magazine, the Lincoln historv, Siberiau papers, Hctioi), etc., however, will be relamed.


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