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Mrs. L. J. Liesemer

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Deatli lias stepped uto tlie ranks of the newspaper traternity in this city once more, and taken i bright and active meraber therefrom. Einnw Martlia Helber, wife of Louis J. Llescmur, dicd on Wednesday niglit last, of a coinbiiiatioQ of typlioid ar.d braln fever, aged 29 years. The deceaaed had asslsted her Imslmid for the past nine years in the publication of tbo Waslitenaw l'ost, and was a writer of ability, whose pleasant face and agreeable mannen endeared her to a large circle of friends. She eaves a little daughter Lulu, about 3 years old. Slie was a daughter of Mrs. Dr. Helber who still survives, and a sister of Mrs. John Burg of this city, Endene Helber, Esq., of S;i!ine, nd Mrs. Geo. Johnsoo of Lodi. Mrs. Liesemer was born in this city In 1850, and was married in 1879. At 18 years of ure slie liad graduated from the state normal school, and was preceptres of schools at Hudson, Mich. Always bright, active and atnbitious, she was a helpraate to her husband rarely equaled, and he has the sympathy of inany Irlends in his affliction. The followinpr peculiar eircunistances in reference to her life and death have been handed us by a Mead: "II is astonishlii}; what a factor a figure will soraetlmes play in a person's life and death. In the life and death of Mrs. L J. Ltesemer who died in Ann Arbor last week, the figure 9 played a prominent part. Mr?. Liesenier was boni in 1859; was married in 1879 - 9 years ago - to her husband, who was also born in 1859, and on the 9th day of the month. She belpi'd establish the Washtcnaw Post, a 9 column iaper in 1879, on which paper slie had done editorial work 9 years and which ended lts 9th year on the day of her death ; she died in her 29th year, in the 9th month of the year and was on the 29th day of the month."