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The Late Moses Rogers

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On Sunday afternoon, at his home, COr ner of División ui'l Aun stc, tlie Ufe o Moses líoiji'i'M pHSSed avay. He U( In-in ill [or several monthg, bat not ser lously su untll the past ten days, tlit tronblo being general debility and olt age, hiivlug reaebed ÏS years. The dn(.;i-ci exilie to tliis city on the day bi 21 yeara "IJ, and had hc llved iiDti to morrow, be woiild have pa-sed 57 years ol his life here. There are bilt very trw lefl uliu wcrc residejltl here when he carne. Coinmencing in 1831 as : laborar in the wagon shop of the latí Volney Clmpin, be sou a starled a buslues for hiniself as a dealer in wagon, aiui agricultura] nipleuients, in wuicll Il8 bas always remato). 11e bouglit " hui cultural ball" as ït was once termed, soon ¦fter it w is built, (now occupied by Joln Kinnegan) and it was for yeara the bes public ball in the city. After ulllnf tbal om be onrrled on buglneu for h tinu in tlie ild Monitor house, ur i til thal burned, then built the bluck In wbloh bis business is at pretent carried on, at the inti-rsi-i tioii of Detroit and North sts. ilr Itorers leavi's a wife aud daughter, the latter heing Miss. Katit: Koi;( r-, tin arlist. Tiie ÍHinous sculptor, Kandolpl Kogels, ol Rome, llaly, is a brothef One -i-ter Mrs. Muy West, of Qulney, ie ?- 1 i i 1 livinp, thcy beiug the only ones now let t of elftbt cliildren. II wasvery kind beartad aml to' frenemos fir his ovvii good. An appeal t" blm wm wldoDi ever mule in vain, and deslre to balp otluTs has worked tn his own SubdcIhI Injuiy many times. WUile very lympatbeVlo hen-as Qrn In his couvictions. A story in ralatei] ot blm tbal shows the stuff of whleb be was made. In the dayi when Wm. Lloyd ( ; ti li-iMi was pruwblug abolitionlsm be was :i waiui supporter of tlmt doctrine. Souicwhcic along in 'ü an abolition meeting vu held at a linie church locatcd on N. State st., by Gües 1!. Öteb bint, and í inob broke it up, imasliing windows, and doiuir miny olhcr acts of outrngt. Th i.txt d ly Mr. Ro told the aholitionists they COUld bave axrlcultural hall, and he wanld Me tbal they were not molcstcd. B wheu nighl mu', lie wltll one or two trusty nbolitloii friends po-ted himself at the door wil li a club. viicn the roojrlis came they were ordered away with the inforumtion that f thcy atteinptcd to enter that hall he woold brain thcni. They dldu't tí in, i1 il ihe meeting was held In peace, and Mr. Stebblne preacbed all the aDolitlonisin he deslred tO. Funeral services this ). in., al 2 o'clock Irom icsiilciice. 'J'he repubüca'i eommittees are hard up for funds, and lw. I'Yee l'i(!ss advUei hem: "To set up a 'peor box' on the ornen with (ha legrad Mrop a nickel in be slot,1 etc vveil, Mr. P. l, that mode il' prooartng noney for tbe campnien would he honorable. Hut the metbod e leiucii-ratic eommittees have taken pi :onipellin; all employés to give a ci-rtain cent. of t luir hard eaincd Wagëtk as PubliO Printer li.nediet iliil, and SS otlicr ïovernmeiit officials have been and are iloing, is not honorable.