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be COUBIER is accused of mnny ilutics by...

be COUBIER is accused of mnny ilutics by... image
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be COUBIER is accused of mnny ilutics by its demooratic oontempornriea ur.justly. There lias not been a woril of personal abuse or mud throwing in the columns of the paper durinj; the campaign. The hardest things said of any one liave been of Mr. Stearns, and in tlmt case wo aro slmpiy tighting tire with fire, paying him ofl in bis own coin, witli bil own stylepf warfare, in whtah we are justilied. No othcr candidato from Mr. ( 'i velu1 1 down to the coroner on the ilniH'Onitic ticket bas had in 11 n kind wjórd lakt against lilm, and we defy tlie i Presa or the ipsllanti Sentinei. or.any uther pipir to produce one trom tfcefe columns. The tarilt' issue bas been [htiiard. We have the aide of justice and ripbt, as w lirnily believc, and have niglfctcd no legitímate argument that we could bring forward to prove ourselvea riglit on that point. The assertion that we have been tbrowing mud is not truc, and coming from the Adrián Presa, espedally, is simply ridlculous The Detroit Pree PreM this morning siiys ill spcakiiiLT of tli(' Imli;m:i OaQTaM: Nivrr ucre two political partiesengnged in :i more MriOOI and doadly warfare tban the democratie and republican partles to-day. Tbey do not jest with one anotlier as in other years, but each man apeaks liis convictions with a serlOuanest onlv incvailinj; in war times." F( -, and this qoeation is one tliat ibonld have been tettled at Appomattox, for it is notblag more nor less tban tlie riglit of the northern states to conduct tlnir bnolneil on business and humane principli-s instcad of upon the bai.s of slavery and tree tradc. The Free Press riglit. It is tlie old tiglit over afjain, and the result will be the same as tlien. It is just as truc U the rlging and setting ot the su u, that Knglisli manufacturi ra and EnglUb lordl and gentlemen bave sent tliousnnds of dollars Into the United Staates to be used in spreading free trade doctrine.


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