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Sjrii of Fijjí I nntiiri-V own trna i is llie Bloot easily taken, and inii ( Declive reniedy koown to Cleunsr Ihe SvbWMi) lien líil"u or (JiMIVe; to IHt-jiH rTêndjlidies, C"l 's, Hinl Kevers; t cnrr liHuitlial Omstiparion, I intimes: mi , iMc. Munti t:iit uif.! ci'ily ty Ui CalKoiDÍH Fiar Syrnp Coinpalty, S mi Kianci-co, Caí Sold in 50.'. hikI' $1 00 Hbllléë by Klier, bacli & Muii. 'Met ar,' nbout 2,0(K)ü(l0 lmp r.ii-eii in the country nul tlic 40,000.00:) hogs rnisid ure eitiniatcd to ti(! worlli $19:J,OüO.000. Tbe Lul est Tornado. Tlie sur prislut; inanner in which the country i liiimf swept hy the prcitt lisrovery f Dr. Miles tOr cuiinj;llie manv dltriiMS tlmt otiiiiii.t te in tlie uervea is aatoniahiDjf nll who fcnuw tlie (iet.-. The ReptoiatrTfc Nervinc, a bruin and nei vi1 food, sold by Eberbacli & Son, cures ivenknes, want of appetltc, cxlmistion, ili'biiily fioin overwork, raio, wnriy and disMp.ition. It takes tlie place, pf .-llinuhiiiN, opiateè, clilora], -ic , n t cufeS all nervuus tidublcs. U conlains mi morpliini-, 6ptnin (ir dangcróus dm. Accnrclliisf to a l!it!iii statirlioian "tlic COSt of tbc MlOM in llie United Stntc9 '8 more tban the iiMtiorml debt.'' A Woman's Clmrms soon leave lier, wlien she becoinvs a victiin to fuiy olie of tlie various disorders and peculiar "wealínesít-" tbat :ire p - culiar to the fair sex. Tlie condition of tt-ns óf tliousands of womeii tn-d.iy is plliable in tlie extreme; they :ire Wfiak, bloodiess creaaiii-s, a pfey' to mental an;iiish and lioilily pain; in a word, "liroKen-down," trom any one nfmimcron- catites. To thu unlmppy nrAltltutle we stiongly urge tlie tise of Dr. l'ictr-e's F:ivmite Prescriptior, an i t t" 1 1 il .! . worKI-fiimtd ren edy. Tor all i'tVinalu1 rrc;iiiluritii.'S and '" wcakiir-sc-,"' :mi1 liicb rwirores the yórái ntl'uier -.n vUo - OU8 hcaltli, aml ri'iiivrsts Bfif with ,11 the cbaiins ot' figure, fare ftnd coniplcxor, tbat recelvü sueh wilüi.jr bomagp from man. "Wbat IM IKe to know'nhl s Schort'. Iiy, "i hovv tlic inouths of i ran Ie fO much larjrer tlian tin ir tirad-." Teacher - ''In what luittle was Genen] Blank killed y " Briüfit 1 i-t one." - Omaha Worl 1. A Frograut Brcalh auU Ptmrly ïceth Areeaslly obtalned by fleanslnt' ynnr leetli ¦ laily wlth Unit justly p uüülor ileni lfrlcc. snZODONT. Compuse. I ofrarÁaiuiKPprir herbs H Imparts wliltoness to tli tcetli, a Uellel.niaroma to the breiuh, and preserres Inl.u't, from youth io olil au, the ti,eth. Acldlty of tlie -loimich wlll dPstroy the strongesl teatb nnlcss lis efrcts are rouateraoted wiili soZODONT, mul Ilils pnre tooihwash proteeta Uu' ili'iititl smf:ii'.'st ri'inuv nguveiy lupnrIty tliat adheres to tlieni. yoni draiiulst for SOZODÜNT.


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