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Tliis must bc tlm yearof jubilee ! l!y the way, btndaanai can be purcliascd clieap. Want to buy ? On fiuancial questions the practica] north does nnt care to be tauglit by tlic visionary soutli. "Pernloloui polltical activity" is now relejrated t( the shades of innocuo di-suctuüe Vale! Senator Jone, oL Florida- Detroit, told Michigan people wliat to do and thcy did - the ótlier thing. It looks as if Gen. Harrison lind not only secured tlio electoral college by a larjre mnjority, but had alao received a major i ty of the poi)iilar vote. Tlic road to a second presidenüal lerm is one fu!l of thorns. Only two presiilonts, Lincoln and Urant, have liad that honor couferred upou lliem in over 50 years. We have recelved Gov. Luce's Thaiiksglrlng Proclamation, appointing Thurs(lay, Nov. 2Sth, as "a day of general tliaiiksgiving and praiM. We ihnll keep alright. One of the grand ni'w.papers Of New York is the Mal] and Express. It is calm, sensible and yet arcssiTe. It is one of the sort of papers thnt lielps a parly, mul we hope to see it live long and pionier. The battle is won. The principie of protectlon to our industrie?, wlik'h is esleutlally a northern principie, wil] bethe ruling spirit of tliis country for n long time to come. Michigan didn't go democratie. Iowa didn't go democratie; California didn't go democratie ; Illinois didn't ;o democrstlc; Oregon didn't go democratie; bat Efissittippl and Texas got tliere in great ihope.


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