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THE SUN is a production of Trans-Love Energies Unlimited of Detroit, and is published by the Artists' Workshop Press as a community service. THE SUN's offices are at 4863 John Lodge, Detroit, Michigan 48201. Subscriptions to THE SUN are available at $5.00 per year due to extreme mailing costs. Our phone no. is 831-6840 -- call us if you have news to report or find out. THE SUN is edited by Gary Grimshaw & John Sinclair, and appears every other Friday.

Advertising & Promotion: Noel (Skip) Cooper, Bryan Collins, Norman Weingarden

Circulation: Magdalene Sinclair, Don Moye STAFF includes Jim Semark, Jerry Younkins, Emil Bacilla, Robin Tyner, Dave Carlin, John Ka, Billy Reid, Kenneth Burns, Norman Weingarden, Magdalene Sinclair, Michael McClatchey, and a cast of thousands.

COMMUNITY BUSINESSES: You should be advertising in THE SUN so people will know where you're at. Thanks to our advertisers this issue, and no thanks to those neighborhood businesses who refused to place even a $1.50 ad: Decanter Bar, 3rd Ave. Dairy Queen, and some others. This is your newspaper too, and your people read it. They would like to see you advertise here.

Thanks to patrons Patrick Ennis, Dr. Louis Cleage, Arnold Skulsky, and an anonymous donor we were able to pay the rent. Now for the printer! Please send money people!