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Poetry Is Revolution Yes It Is Yes It Is Poetry Is Revolution

Poetry Is Revolution Yes It Is Yes It Is Poetry Is Revolution image Poetry Is Revolution Yes It Is Yes It Is Poetry Is Revolution image
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america, you crauy mother r.ountry. your rounded televisión culture peoplc moving throu the hardedge legal & business world. assination a daily diet of madness. OH AND Y W A:HOli we pray for you. for political candidates everywhere. your hardass televisión commercial business world. "what's gooi for plastic is good for the U.S.A." your blindness to the evil & poverty around you. OH SUBU-lBIAl they'd have a revolution & you wouldn't know until daddy came home form work or you turned on the color tube. soon they'll have all your fin;erprints. steal your dreams. traded for new cars, swimming pools fancy address. OH GHOST O7 BCBBY HUTTON don't fall for the white man's dream. his nïghtmarc is waking up the world soon all the bells will be ringing richard krech Ivlythology for the Peoples J-iveration V; ork5, anthology of poetry and revolution is available from Artists Workshop Press' 1510 Hill, Ann Arbor, Mich 481Ö4. Gcnd $1.00 to get your copy, don't be unarmeti. a fable: TH DüóUGHT, & HOVí THü, RAINS CAivul, there aren't. any keys anywhcre. i went to the iocksmith & he said so i went to che jewler fiíhe said so too. so i went to the priest k he said ask che politician who said ask god who said in a deep voice my sun. "grow your own. " horóscopo: during revolutionary acüvicy comihcrce will be disrupted. the fighting has begun. they have already attacked. don't turn in yr. gun. richard krech RJSVOi-UTIONARy LETTERS .Jiane Di Prima Number Dne I have just -rcalicd that the stakes are myself I have no other ranso:n money, nothing to break or barter fcjut my lifc my spirit mcasured.out, in bits,, spread over the roulette tablc, I recoup what I can nothing clse to shovc under the nose of the maitre de jue ■nothing to thrusc out' the window, no white . Üag this flesh all I have to offer, to make the play with this immcdiatc head, what it comes up with, ïmy aove as we slithcr over uhis board,, stepping always . (we ,hop.) bcivcen the lindes " c must not only de mand that all U . forcee vithdraw immediately form Vietnam we must o beyond that to show that U.S, ;ression in Vietnam is not an isolated atrocity, but part of a policy of imperial dominación and exploitation of the re - sources and the peoples of Asia, África , Latín America, and even Western " urope and Canada. We must make clear „he connection between this international imperialisrr ani the colonial oppression of biack peopic and other people of color in this country. We must raise the fundamental question of whom the land and the means of production rightfuliy belong to; we must declare that the peopje have a right to enjoy the wealth créate I by the ir own labor. " I iridge Cleaver : Ji AxVi 1. Ve vant freedom. We want pover to determine the estiny of our black comrnunity. 2. ant f uil employment for our people. int an end to the robbery by the white man cL our black community. 3 vant decent housing, fit for shelter of human beings. 5. We want education for our people that exposes the tzuc nature of this decadent American society. We want eduention that teaches us our true history and our vole ia the present day society. ant all black men to be exempt rrom military service. 7. "e want an immediate end to pólice brutality and murder of black people. 8. We want Ereedom for all black men held in fc , state, county and city priso ils. 9. ' ' e want all black people when brought to trial to be fcried in court by a jury of their peer ;rouP ot people from their black cornmunities, as defined by the constitution of the United tates. 10. int land, bread, housing, edïcaticn, clochinj, justice and peace, nd as our major political objective, a Initec Haíions-supervised plebiscite io be i cujhout the black colony in which en: k colonial subjeets will be allowed to particípate, for the "--pos-"of deterr-Tining tliê wiiltptpt T-efcfctoplc as to tbeir natlonal destiny. "In al under all circumstanc ther will always exist abundant reason not to Liht, but that will be the only way not te obtain liberty. " Fidel Castro "7or furthur avareness lay in droppii every fixed concept of self, identity, role, , habit and pleasure. " Allen Ginsb-g "... Le shall not bc for mon or for pc . , ut for individual freede and comrnon cfiort towards good. " D. H. avi Join tli anthers, subvert, fttta destroy, expan ■, now, now before its to late, s ï pigs, support the Blaeh Panthers, support Yippies, Motherfuc' i. Start n nther Farty in you nei rhood. The time is right, the revolutie now, jet a gua, Read Guerrilla Varfr by Che. The Artists ' 'orkshop Press of Ann A; Sor is in nee irneograph paper, we h a lot oí stuff that the people need to re and we want to print it but we don 't hav the paper to do it, if you have any way setting mirneoraph paper or if you kne someone who can score it get in touch ' i us. ia is your revolution too ya kno A ruie of thurn'c of revolutionary politicr is that no matter how oppressive the ruling class rriay be no matter how impossible e task of rnakin, revolution may seem tho means oí rnaking that revolution are aK'-ys near ab hand. 3UF! REVOLJ ■-ICHA. ,Y B2A ICNÁ Y now r