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FLASH --- YIPPIE! YIPPIE! Youth International Party will hold a week long "Freak For Peace" convention in Chicago in late August, at the same time as the National Democratic Convention. Definite bands so far are; Country Joe, The Fugs, Arlo "Guthrie, Phil Ochs, the United States of 1 America, Allen Ginsburg, Tim Leary, and the Steve Miller Blues Band. Dylan, : the Who, the Cream, the Mothers, and 1 the Doors have all been invited to name a few. Stay tuned to the paper radio for more info.

FLASH --- Duly elected Navajo State Representative Jake Chee was recently turned away from the House oL Representatives in New Mexico for wearing native Navajo garb. Just the Sargent-at-arms looks Like he's at a funeral, he wants everyone else to too.

FLASH --- Billy C and the Sunshine are looking for a drummer (blues) possible record contract immediately cali Trans - Love 833-3166 FLASH The Seminole Indians have beat the government in court, to the tune oL 32 million acres of land - nearly the entire state of Florida. Payment for the land will be about $40 million, that's less than $1. 50 an acre. The indians should just tell everyone to leave, "Get the fuck out, we want our land back!"