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3 Breaths

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the dance of body heat over bone muscle & nerve is rhythm is Flesh. Who does not dance is flakes from the earth scalp cut flesh roots by mad indians who tomahawk your skin for trophy grease on their empirical phallus. Gentlemen of the earth storm their reality totem. Shove their word up their ass. Heat of Flesh make your own myth dance your own word. music of warm skin over bone muscle & nerve is Light-heat of your own word made flesh. Torn Buri Detroit FOR CAMILLE a vessel of water confined by its own wish. power of. sail arched. a woman's back. the wind torso t floats as the flow of water goes on. her ship under my keejl. the froth of white sea, hardness of prick beneath the water line. two small ships harbored in darkness. ring of stones. a compression into the pool, the shape of deep stone. the glide of swamp wind-mother of wave among dark sharp reeds. Jerry Younkins tonight let the words fall out , and stick, like hairs on my shoulder are brushed away by nny hand. some-, or everything I've given you today, is nothing aside what is to come, if you will take, or "let the words fall out and stick" I'm wanting to write for you and, you I am wanting are right for me