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FLASH---The big three have merged. SNCC, the Black Panther Party for self-defense, and the Federal Alliance of Free City States have merged and the 3 vowed to take the same position as to the crimes of the United States. The Federal Alliance of Free City States is a group of 30,000 militant Spanish-Americans and Indians in New Mexico. The merger took place at a rally for the defense of Huey Newton who is framed with killing a cop. The Big 3 demand that Newton be set free "the sky's the limit" if he isn't. Stokely Carmichael spoke at the rally and said "I have a plan that will put every Black man in the country to work tomorrow, there is no unemployment in Vietnam!"

FLASH---Stanley Zillfro who was held under $15,000 bond for sales and possession of grass has been released after his bonds vere reduced to $2,500, it appears that he has a pretty good chance of winning the case, everybody can win, if they fight.

FLASH---Pun and his wife Genie were hassled and threatened last week on Wayne University campus by Detroit police while selling the SUN. Pun and Genie were in front of McKenzie Hall when a police car stopped and an officer demanded a paper. "I told the dude he'd have to pay just like everyone else, it's only a dime." The cops became pissed and made Pun get in the car, he was told that "if you looked like a citizen you would be treated like a citizen." Pun was heard to scream "I don 't want to be a citizen, look at me, do I look like I want to be a citizen?" Pun was later released.

FLASH---Trans-Love is interested in farms in the Ann Arbor area, if can hip us to any please do, TLE 499 West Forest, Detroit 48201 or call (313) 833-3166.

FLASH---The Oneida and Stockbridge-Munsee Indians have been awarded $1,313,472 by the Indian Claims Commission. Their homeland was at one time New York State, in 1822 they were "shipped" to Wisconsin to make room for the white man's afterbirth. Hopefully they will spend the money on bows and arrows to avenge their brothers.

FLASH--An old Navajo woman has won a range war against the federal government . For more than 15 years Jim Joes Daughter, about 60, has refused to budge her roving band of sheep from "public" land, despite threats of tresspass prosecution from the Bureau of Land Management, she was rewarded 160 acres. She should get the whole state if she wants it, it's hers.