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The SUN is a communal effort by the Trans-Love tribe of Detroit and Ann Arbor. It reflects the lives and ways of the people who put it together and carries our spirit. We put out the SUN because we have to--we've all got lots of other things to do but the NEWS has to get out because people NEED TO KNOW. As with everything else we do, the SUN is operated on the barest minimum of money because we don't have any capital and we don't really want any--all we want is enough money to buy the material we need to stay alive and keep working: food, shelter, materials for clothes our women make, dope, records, guitars and amplifiers and saxophones, paper and ink and typewriters and mimeograph machines, etc. We are constantly limited by a lack of money--people see and hear only a small fraction of the creation we are capable of, because it costs so much to make anything!

This issue of the SUN had enough material for 48 pages, and enough imagination and devotion to make every page a total delight, but we are forced to keep it to 16 letter-sized pages because we can't afford to pay for any more. We're lucky to get it printed at all in fact--this issue was ready for the printer, Cy Aaron, refused to print it, and some 7 other printers all turned it down because they can't stand to see the word FUCK in print. The moral heavyweights of our time! After more than a week of looking we found our present printer (whose name we'll leave out so he can do it again), but he couldn't print on newsprint and the cost of a tabloid-sized paper (even just 12 pages) was too much for us to bear so we're here like this, and damned lucky to be here at all.

If anyone reading this knows an intelligent freed printer who would and could print the SUN as a multi-colored tabloid, please get in touch with us at 833-3166 in Detroit, or 761-3223 in Ann Arbor.

We also want to give the paper away freely as soon as we are able to. Starting this issue we are giving it away in the Forest (anyone can pick up copies at the SUN office in the TransLove store, 2nd at Forest, anytime) but selling it around Detroit and Ann Arbor because we need those nickels in order to make the printing bill. But when we get enough advertising copy to cover the bills, which should be soon, then we can start giving it away all over, and one of our purposes will've been served. Free means Free Everything, but like your old man would say, we've still gotta pay the bills.

We're also leaving out some of the copy our suburban and high school editors have gathered or written for us, but we'll have that in next issue, God willing. The SUN needs more writers and distributors from Detroit area schools, to turn us on to what's happening in the suburbs and to get the SUN around to kids in different parts of town. So far we haven't had any news of kids getting expelled for dealing the SUN, and if you do, we'll stand behind you with legal help, etc. Besides, if they kick you out of school for something like that, be thankful. Doesn't school suck, anyway? If they throw you out and you don't beg them to come back, they'll be begging you.

Anyway, if you can distribute the SUN wherever you are, please let us know and we'll lay some copies on you to sell or give away. Stop by the SUN office or the Trans-Love Store in the Grande Ballroom on weekends and pick up as many copies as you need. And if something's going on where you are that people should know about bands, dope scenes and busts, authority crackdowns on brilliant students, poetry, artwork, whatever your scene is - write it up and bring it by or mail it to us. This paper is for You.